12 Bizarre Ways Celebs Started Their Careers

Wes Craven started out as a porn flick director.
12 Bizarre Ways Celebs Started Their Careers

Ah, the stories of how some of the world's most famous and beloved celebrities got their start. From Jackie Chan's unlikely foray into the world of pornography to George Gershwin's job as a "song plugger" to Dolph Lundgren's workout video that Quentin Tarantino had to clean up after, these stories are as varied as they are fascinating. In this list, we'll explore these twelve bizarre ways that celebs started their careers, and marvel at the twists and turns that life can take.

It's amazing to see how far these stars have come since their humble beginnings. From Bette Midler performing in bathhouses to Michael Bolton denying rumors of him joining Black Sabbath to Jony Ive's toilet bowl, these stories are a testament to the power of hard work and perseverance. 

So, without further ado, here is a list of twelve of the most surprising and inspiring stories of how some of the world's most famous celebrities got their start. Enjoy.

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"Song plugger" at 15: Gershwin's start.

GRACKED GEORGE GERSHWIN: SONG PLUGGER When George Gershwin was ten, he was inspired to pursue music. At 15, he dropped out of school and got a job as a song plugger - a pianist hired by a music publisher to play their new songs in a department store to help sell the sheet music.


Bette Midler: From bathhouses to stardom.

GRACKED BETTE MIDLER: GAY BATHHOUSE SINGER In the 1970s, Bette Midler began her singing career performing in gay bathhouses with Barry Manilow on the piano. To recognize the people and places that helped her become famous, she released an album in 1988 called Bathhouse Betty.


Designer of Dreams, Flusher of Toilets.

GRACKED JONY IVE: TOILET BOWL DESIGNER Before joining Apple, Jony Ive designed a toilet and sink, among other things, while working for a design agency in London. Unfortunately, his client wasn't too impressed with his work, saying it was too modern and pricey.


Cleaning up dog poop: the start of a legendary career.

GRACKED QUENTIN TARANTINO: DOG POOP CLEANER Quentin Tarantino's first job in Hollywood was working as a production assistant on a Dolph Lundgren workout video called Maximum Potential. Не and Roger Avary had to clean up a huge area of dog poop in Venice Beach for the shoot.

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