12 Movie and TV “Good Guys” Who Might Just Be Assholes

A second look at these “heroes” was a real heartbreaker.
12 Movie and TV “Good Guys” Who Might Just Be Assholes

Trust us, we’re not out to ruin anyone’s day here, but if you get easily attached to fictional heroes, this list will not end well for you. We’re just as heartbroken as the next fan, because like many, a once over of these movies and TV shows was not enough to detect the douchey, downright villainous nature of our favorite “heroes.” These were real record-scratch moments. Real, “Wait, what?!” type realizations that made us rethink our fandom, and may have tarnished some legacies. 

Fictional legacies, yes, but when a character has become part of the collective consciousness, we tend to think of them as “real” every now and again. Unless you guys think that’s weird. If so, we take it back! We take it all back! Keep thinking of them in a good light if you want, but there’s no denying that they made some questionable decisions. It’s like saying, “I didn’t call you an asshole. I said you were acting like an asshole.” There’s a difference! However you happen to perceive these fictional heroes, 12 of them were conceived and written as the good guys, but a deeper look proved otherwise.

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But how could anyone who owns a chocolate factory be evil?

CRACKED WILLY WONKA WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY He's egotistical, and does nothing to help the endangered children that displease him. Oh and the Oompa Loompas are basically slaves.

Looper / Delish 

What if they weren’t talented, Dave? Huh?!

CRACKED DAVE USED THE CHIPMUNKS TO FURTHER HIS CAREER. ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS ALVIN AND In the 2007 movie, when struggling musician Dave Seville first meets the chipmunks, he throws them out into the rain. Не only lets them back in after hearing them sing, and realizing they can help his music career.

Vulture / IMDB 

He likes nerds, so this criminal must be nice.

CRACKED JAKE RYAN OFFERS HIS PASSED OUT GIRLFRIEND UP AS A PLAY THING. SIXTEEN CANDLES He's played up as the perfect high school good guy, but why, because he likes the nerdy girl? His infatuation becomes outright stalking, and he hands his drunk, passed out girlfriend to the perverted Anthony Michael Hall saying, Do whatever you want.

Salon / Grunge 

That cute British charm can’t save you now, Hugh Grant!

CRACKED THE DEPLORABLE PRIME MINISTER. LOVE ACTUALLY Hugh Grant as The Prime Minister is essentially Tony Blair with a Bill Clinton libido. Grant might be lovable in '90s rom-coms, but he abuses his power to sleep with a young aide. Relentless, he and his security guards even crash her family Christmas.

Vox / HuffPost 

Getting laid at all costs was a huge theme in the ‘90s and 2000s.

SETH'S CRACKED ENTIRE PLOT IS DATE RAPE. SUPERBAD His master plan is to get Emma Stone's character drunk enough to sleep with him. When he discovers she doesn't drink, he whines, gets grabby, and vomits on her. Worse, he seems to be practicing for a string of similar assaults in college.

Filmboards / Decider 

Even Joseph Gordon-Levitt doesn’t think Tom deserves the fandom.

CRACKED ТОМ HANSEN WAS THE PROTOTYPICAL NICE GUY. 500 DAYS OF SUMMER planet earth savosing NA ISPY FROM NOWHERE ONONNA DO TOO VSOUN LOVE WILL TEAR US APART 1501 1SOT 19N01 After years of hearing what nice guy Tom was, Joseph Gordon-Levitt said, I would encourage anyone who has a crush on my character to watch it again and examine how selfish he is.


Prada bags and men can’t be your entire personality, Carrie!

CRACKED CARRIE BRADSHAW IS SELFISH AND SUPERFICIAL. SEX AND THE CITY As viewers matured, they realized that Carrie was materialistic, needy with toxic men (prioritizing them over her friends), and she never matured into a strong independent role model for young women.

Purewow / Yahoo 

Yes, that “You’re Welcome” song is amazing, but come on!

CRACKED MAUI TRIED TO MURDER MOANA. MOANA Не starts by dooming the world for selfish reasons, then when Moana needs him to rectify this, he shut her in a cave without food or water, and sails off on her boat. Then he leaves her with those murderous coconuts.

Stack Exchange / CNN 

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