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6 People Who Had No Clue Their Faces Were World-Famous

Imagine that your face has been famous for years or decades, and you never had any idea. This happens -- people have found out that completely without their knowledge, they've become icons.


The 5 Most Terrifying Zoo Exhibits Ever

Zoos are a place of childlike wonder. But even these places of joy can produce nightmare-inducing images that will keep you up for weeks.


If Every Job Came With Bond Gadgets

What if, on the first day of work at every job, you were taken into a back room and given hi-tech wizardry disguised as the tools of that trade? We asked you to show us what it would look like if every company had their own version of Q, creating secretly souped up, geeked out, weaponized (down? whatever directions you weaponize something) gadgets


16 Iconic Characters Past Their Prime

Sports and movie stars tend to stick around past their careers' expiration date. That's why so many of our real world heroes end up going out on such sour notes, and also why we love fictional characters so much. The credits roll long before they get all sad and desperate. Until now!


The 5 Most Pointlessly Women-Specific Products

Sometimes women need different versions of certain products, like smaller clothes, or sappier movies, or bras with larger cups than men's bras. But most products don't need that split, which is why you don't see Wastebaskets For Women or Ladies' Bookshelves.


7 Legendary Acts of Petty Revenge

We all get mad and can react childishly to others, but there are some people who take petty revenge to dizzying levels of perfection.


Man Comics: Revenge of The Manliest Dog Alive

This dog seriously does not give a s#!%.


Why The Martini is the Greatest Drink Ever Poured

It is the perfect cocktail


5 Manliest Hobbies You've Never Heard of

There are a variety things people can do to change their monotonous lives. Some find religion and some find totally friggin' crazy.


How We'll Really Use Cloning Technology

Whenever clones show up in pop culture, they're usually part of some nefarious, but morally ambiguous organ harvesting master-plan. That seems like we're giving ourselves a lot of credit, given what we ended up using the Internet for. We asked the Internet to show science how we really do.


6 Reasons High School Reunions Shouldn't Exist

I suppose there are people who thought of high school as their best years ever. Their days were filled with lots of friends they truly enjoyed. People who shared their values and sense of humor. And I guess it's conceivable that after graduation they decided to never speak to any of these people ever again. Perhaps, they lapsed into a temporary com


19 Hilarious Films in Under a Minute

Much more efficient than watching The Hangover II, and you won't hate yourself after.