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20 Funny Movies That Take a Minute (Total) To Watch: Part 4

5 Second films should be nominated for tiny Oscars.


Oscar Nominee Venn Diagram: Weirdly Specific Similarities

this year the Academy seemed to go for movies about a few bizarrely specific topics ...


6 Awards That Would Actually Make The Oscars Worth Watching

Apparently, some of the greatest moments ever captured on film haven't gotten so much as a validated parking ticket from the Academy.


5 Hollywood Secrets That Explain Why So Many Movies Suck

You can write off everything Hollywood does as greed and poor tate, but there are other factors that make Hollywood the soulless blockbuster machine that it is. Some of which you'd never suspect.


6 Giant Blind Spots In Every Movie Alien's Invasion Strategy

With a few alien-invasion movies on the horizon, this is a good time to ask ourselves why exactly the alien invasions we see on the silver screen always seem to end in disaster for the invaders, despite their ridiculously advanced technology.


4 Great Artists Who Make it Really Hard Not To Hate Them

Daniel Day-Lewis is not the badass we want him to be. For one thing, most of the time he dresses like some kind of weird Lumberjack Glam Cowboy.



6 Artists You Didn't Know Made Your Favorite Movie Moments

The point when everybody gets bored during the Academy Awards is when they give out all of those technical awards to people you've never heard of. Surprisingly, though, you're fans of some of these people. Hug fans, in some cases. You just didn't know it.


7 Lessons About Communication Technology Learned from Movies

Movie and television cliches have been unable to keep up with the rapid advances in communication technology.


5 Insane Early Drafts of Famous Movie Characters

It's easy to think of pop culture icons as having just walked onto the scene fully formed. But some of the early versions of these characters weren't just different, but were utterly freaking insane.


Green Lantern vs. Green Hornet: Telling Them Apart [CHART]

So far, 2011 has been a very good year for things with the first name Green, and a somewhat confusing year for the rest of us.


6 Plot Threads Famous Movies Forgot to Resolve

Writing a movie is hard work, and when all is said and done, there are always going to be a few small subplots that get ignored in the third act. But sometimes a filmmaker forgets an important plot thread. And by that, we mean something way more important than the main plot.


The Worst Comedy On TV (Explained to Deaf People)

I was in the bar the other morning and noticed that the closed captions for comedy shows either don't match the original script or leave out important details to a joke. For example, <strong>{{muttering}}</strong> is an inadequate way to describe the late Estelle Getty clearing her throat to secretly call the dead Rue McLanahan a slut.


The 7 Most Ridiculous Movie Character Overreactions

People in movies often wind up making grossly illogical and often utterly insane choices purely to spice things up. These are the characters who probably should have taken a moment to think things over.