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Movie news is the only news.


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What Movie News Should You Know RIGHT NOW (11/26/17)

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For all of the surreal horror in The Wizard Of Oz, the darkest part is a little bit of symbolism that pretty much everybody misses.


Why Marvel's Movies Keep Getting Better

So everybody, 'Thor: Ragnarok' was awesome. Article's over, go home.


What Movie News Should You Know RIGHT NOW (11/24/17)

Movie news always keeps us in a state of constant suspense.


5 Fun Sitcom Characters With Really Dark Backstories

The nice thing about sitcoms is that nothing bad ever happens in them.


Why The Afterlife In Pixar's 'Coco' Is Secretly Terrifying

Despite being so colorful, warm, and hopeful, 'Coco' is also one of the most terrifying, nihilistic, and soul-crushing animated movies to have ever been slapped with a PG rating.


5 Ways Disney Can't Stop Screwing Up Star Wars

Star Wars. You love it! You think it's great. But what if Star Wars stopped being great? That would be bad, right?


5 Reasons Science Fiction Hates Actual Science

Science fiction is cool.


4 Huge Roles Actors Declined (And What They Chose Instead)

You can try to learn from your mistakes so you don't make them again ... or spend millions of dollars on a vanity project to 'correct' things.


6 Justice League Actors (Who Had Hilarious Early Roles)

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6 Movies Aimed At Kids (With Scenes That Definitely Weren't)

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Why It's Okay The Terminator Movies Are So, So Bad

After more than two decades since the classic original duology, the 'Terminator' series is back.