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5 Times Historical Figures Teamed Up (School Never Taught)

Bill Murray plus Hunter S. Thompson plus shotguns equals this article.


For A Hot Second, Belgium Relied On Cats To Deliver The Mail

The postman only purs twice.


5 Urban Legends From History That Were Wacky As Heck

You won't believe what happened next! No seriously, you won't believe it.


Let's Read 'The Young Comrade,' The Crazy '20s Magazine For Baby Communists

Complete with cute pictures of socialist heartthrobs; tweens of the world, unite!


Weird Old Presidential Gifts: Gigantic Blocks Of Cheese

It happened twice, which is still two more times than would be considered normal.


Yahoo! Tried To Screw Their 'Yodel' Guy

More like yodel-ay-hee-sued.


The Worst Year Ever (Not 2020)

2020 is a dumpster fire, but 536 was a burning landfill.


Cracked Apologizes To John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams was president of the United States, NOT the Molemen fan-club.


Buddhist Monk Who Enlightened A Country With His Dong

He was like the Jim Morrison of Buddhist monks, which is to say, what Jim Morrison really wanted to be.


55 WTF Facts About US Presidents

Every president has been bizarre in their own special way.


'New England Vampire Panic' Was Even Dumber Than The 'Salem Witch Trials'

At least they could blame a poor understanding of science.


The Crazy Real Story Of Wisconsin's Massage Parlor (And Cyanide) Murders

Whodunit? The real answer may be weirder than anyone guessed.


The Glasgow Ice Cream Wars Traded Sprinkles For Shotguns

Get a cone of ice-cold steel.


Chainsaws Were Originally Invented To Assist With Childbirth

This was regarded as the 'more precise and humane option.'