Workout Hard And Relax Even Harder With These 10 Products

Workout Hard And Relax Even Harder With These 10 Products

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Say it with us: "I will get healthy and fit this year! I really mean it this time!" We believe you! Committing to improving your health and fitness is tough, but it's also important. We'd like to make it a little easier on you, so we've scoured the web for deals on some health and fitness products that will set you up to actually achieve your goals this time around.

ExoGun DreamPro Percussion Massage Device

Workout Hard And Relax Even Harder With These 10 Products

MSRP: $599

Sale Price: $119.99

One of the toughest aspects of committing to a fitness regimen is simply dealing with the pain. It hurts when you work out a lot! The ExoGun DreamPro is designed to help you recover faster by delivering targeted relief to troublesome muscle groups and sore spots, so you can get back out there without skipping a beat.

Resistance Door Gym

Workout Hard And Relax Even Harder With These 10 Products

MSRP: $69.99

Sale Price: $25

Do you travel a lot, or work a lot of late nights and can't get to the gym? No worries. Do you have a door? If so, then the Resistance Door Gym is all you need to have a mini gym in your home or office.

Shiatsu Portable Back Massager With Heat

Workout Hard And Relax Even Harder With These 10 Products

MSRP: $129.99

Sale Price: $56.99

Price Drop: $49.99

Take advantage of those dead hours at work to relieve aches and pains with this clever back massager. It gives you a deep, rejuvenating massage while dispensing heat to help melt pain away.

Vortix Muscle Massager

Workout Hard And Relax Even Harder With These 10 Products

MSRP: $399

Sale Price: $169.99

The Vortix uses percussion technology to break up knots and help drain lactic acid from muscles so you can recover faster after a tough workout. It's easy to set up and use anywhere, plus it's the type of futuristic tech that'll make all your gym compatriots jealous.

Versafit Wireless Sport Headphones


MSRP: $149.99

Sale Price: $99.99

Get amped up with an awesome pair of wireless headphones that won't get in the way while you're pushing your limits. These headphones are designed to stay in your ears no matter how hard you go, all while streaming your raging headbangers with crystal-clear quality.

Belmint Heated Shiatsu Foot Massager


MSRP: $139.99

Sale Price: $99.99

Your back isn't the only place that can use some relief. This foot massager sets up easily, so you can get a rejuvenating massage at home, your desk, or your open office space whenever you'd like.

RECOVER 600 mg CBD Muscle Recovery Rub

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MSRP: $60

Sale Price: $47.99

CBD has been shown to have myriad benefits, one of the best being as a relaxant. This muscle recovery rub might help you ease muscle pain after a workout with an all-natural solution. Keep in mind that the FDA has not evaluated this product, so you should always check with your doctor as well as your local, state, and federal laws before trying CBD.

TREBLAB xRun IPX4 Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Headphones


MSRP: $29

Sale Price: $25

These headphones were specially engineered for runners. It's in the name! With an IPX4 waterproof rating, they're suitable for use in any weather. (Barring volcanic ash raining from the sky, but if that happens, then hey, maybe don't go on a run outside.) The hook design also ensures they stay in your ears throughout your entire workout. (Again, barring potentially getting hit by volcanic ash, but why do you keep running around active volcanoes?)

Vitagene DNA Ancestry Premium Test Kit And Health Plan Voucher


MSRP: $139

Sale Price: $99

Price Drop: $89.99

Knowledge is power, especially in your health and fitness regimen. Vitagene's DNA tests can help you develop a routine that's tailored for you by examining your genetics. You'll get a detailed report of health issues you may be predisposed to, foods you may have difficulty breaking down, and a complete understanding of what you specifically need to do to be as healthy as you can be.

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest

Workout Hard And Relax Even Harder With These 10 Products

MSRP: $69.99

Sale Price: $44.99

There are two ways to get stronger. One is to add more weight to your lifts. The other is to get bitten by a radioactive spider. For those who don't want to face the crippling responsibility of great power, we have this weighted vest. It can be a great way to raise the difficulty of certain exercises, from running to push-ups, so you can see even more significant gains.

Prices are subject to change.

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