This Code Bundle Won't Break Your Wallet, YOU Pick The Price

This Code Bundle Won't Break Your Wallet, YOU Pick The Price

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Software as a service has become the cheapest way to start a business, and experienced developers are getting stashed away like S's in a Scrabble hand. If you want to get in on the hustle and learn the tools of the trade, the Learn to Code 2017 Bundle is being offered in our store for a pay-what-you-want price. Here's what's gonna go down:


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Much like an open-world video game or a cruise ship buffet, these courses can be completed in any order. However, if we had to pick one to start with, we'd go with Python. Python is easy to read, and the wide variety of applications makes for an immersive experience. The Complete Python Course will take you from writing simple functions to scraping piles of data from the web to even writing a script for an RPG. (Though we doubt it'll be an open-world one. It'll be a second before you're ready to tackle The Witcher 4: Swamp Monster Bonanza.)


</> JS

Once you've gotten the hang of the sweet poetry of simple coding, you should cautiously tiptoe into the murky waters of JavaScript. This lingua franca of the web operates on a policy of constant assumption about the state of the data you shoot through it, but its anything-goes mentality works well with the volatile minefield that is web tech. JS runs almost everywhere, and it's slowly replacing everything that came before it. JavaScript Programming Complete will have you building several real-world projects to get you up to speed.

Full-Stack Web Development

This Code Bundle Won't Break Your Wallet, YOU Pick The Price

If you've gotten to the point where you can whip around page elements like a Hibachi chef cooking shrimp, then you'll be ready to tackle client-server communication. In the Complete Web Developer Masterclass, you'll explore front-end tools like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and JQuery, as well as server-side implements for application architecture and data transmission like PHP, MySQL, JSON, and NodeJS.


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Angular helps you write modular applications, which are kind of like big chunks of code you can update and reuse without fear of breaking something unrelated. Think of it like a massive set of Legos. If you've already built your TIE Fighter, you can pick it up and move it around without having to break apart your Death Star. This bundle includes a dedicated AngularJS course that breaks it down for beginners without having to resort to any Lego Star Wars metaphors. You'll have to come to for those.

Ruby On Rails


Similar to Angular, Ruby on Rails gives you some healthy constraints for developing applications. It's a bit of an "opinionated" piece of software that doesn't like when you stray from its way of doing things, but that strictness rewards you with magic scaffolding on which you can build your program out of generic components. You can learn the territory by creating a complete full-stack app with the Professional Rails Code Along.


This Code Bundle Won't Break Your Wallet, YOU Pick The Price

If your passion is building web infrastructure, or anything else that needs to work across tons of computers at the same time, then Google's programming language is your ... *grits teeth* go-to. This general-purpose language can be used for almost anything, but it has language-level support for concurrency, so you can fully harness the power of your massive data center. Study the basics of Go in Learn How To Code.



Despite the obvious commercial tie-in, Larry the Cable Guy has not yet partnered with Git, but frankly, he's missing out. Git offers a complete version control system that helps to save your broken code from total oblivion. It's also how most open-source projects are developed, making it essential for collaboration. In Git Complete Mastery With GitHub, you'll get introduced to social coding, and you might finally be able to say "Git 'r dun" without all of that pesky self-loathing.

iOS Apps


Considering the massive, rabid audience of the App Store, iOS is a much saner software environment than you'd expect. For one, it lacks much of the legacy complexity of the web and desktop, and two, you get to use Swift, which is kind of like the greatest hits collection of modern programming language design. Get started with iPhone app development in How to Make a Freaking iPhone App, and build all your application logic in one Apple-supplied IDE.


Java Ruby RAILS

Java is the primary language that Android apps are written in, and it's also king of the enterprise software world. If Google's mobile OS manages your life and you want to spread the love, or you're just looking for access to a lifetime supply of steady corporate IT work, then you'd be appointed captain of the SS Dummy if you didn't learn Java. You can pick up the basics, as well as a refresher on some old favorites in Projects in Ruby, Python, and Java.


This Code Bundle Won't Break Your Wallet, YOU Pick The Price

Scala is like the cream filling in between the cookie sandwich that is Java and JavaScript. It provides a simple, common language that compiles both, allowing you to use all three languages to their optimal potential. Scala's Functional and Object-Oriented programming paradigms are also adaptable enough to make code hipsters and senior engineers equally comfortable. Our bundle has a course entirely based around this language's ecosystem, and gives you hands-on examples so that you can sink your teeth in.

Pay what you want for the Learn to Code 2017 Bundle here.

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