These Courses Could Earn You Honest Money As A Hacker

You can't just decide to become an elite hacker overnight.
These Courses Could Earn You Honest Money As A Hacker

This piece was written by the people who run the Cracked Store to tell you about products that are being sold there.

The coolest jobs you can possibly have involving computers are a) driving a monster truck made out of old Commodore 64s and crushing tinier Commodore 64 cars beneath you, or b) white hat hacking. Since that first job is ridiculous and probably already the plot of at least two Vin Diesel films, you'll have to settle for commanding a top-level salary testing the websites, web applications, and security networks of major corporations for exploitable vulnerabilities.

Of course, you can't just decide to become an elite hacker overnight. That's why you need the Certified Ethical Hacker Bootcamp Bundle. It will teach you how to become a cybersecurity specialist and ace the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker V9 exam. For just $39, a 98 percent discount, you can get one year of unlimited access to 526 lessons and over 75 hours of training.

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"But Cracked Store," you cry out, "I'm already semi-l33t, and only need to improve specific areas of my h4x0r skills to start a career as a white hat ethical hacker for justice. Also, do I really need to talk like this if I want to become a hacker?"

We'll start by answering the last question first: absolutely.

But also, you can get any one of the individual courses offered in the bundle on their own if you're already somewhat proficient in other hacking areas. For example, you can get lifetime access to the White Hat Hacker and Penetration Testing Course for just $18. That's a 63 percent discount. This course will teach you how to identify web exploitation techniques, how to act as a security and penetration-testing consultant, and how to use some of the most common tools involved in web exploitation.

These Courses Could Earn You Honest Money As A Hacker

Let's say you're a total n00b, and want to get a basic overview of hacking before diving in full throttle and modeling your life after Mr. Robot. Start light and check out the Ethical Hacking For Beginners course, which will teach you the basics of sniffing out hackers and identifying vulnerabilities in IT environments. You can get this individual course for $19, 84 percent off its normal retail price of $125.

These Courses Could Earn You Honest Money As A Hacker

Maybe you don't want a career in hacking at all, but simply want to learn how to protect your passwords from cyber crooks and snooping younger siblings. If that's the case, then the Ethical Password Hacking and Security course is what you're looking for. This course will teach you common password cracking techniques and how to defend against them, as well as how data is commonly stolen in IT firms. You can start taking this course right now for just $15, 92 percent off the standard price of $199.


Or perhaps you just want to focus on penetration testing -- identifying vulnerabilities in networks and web apps that can be exploited by nefarious soda addicted wundernerds the world over. You'll want to look into the How To Build a $120,000/Year Career as a Web Penetration Tester. This course will provide you with step by step instruction through the penetration testing process, familiarize you with the common attack types normally used to take advantage of networks and web apps, and teach you how to identify potential targets that might need your help. You can get lifetime access to this course for $19, a 72 percent markdown from the retail price of $70.

Don't be nervous. You don't need to be Nikola Tesla to learn a new skill. Teddy Roosevelt believes in you.

So, keep moving up the self-employed ladder and Hack Your Way To A Career Change With This IT Course Bundle.

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