These 9 Products Make Everyday Activities Even Easier

Your existence is gonna be smooth sailing from here on out.
These 9 Products Make Everyday Activities Even Easier

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Whenever someone complains about their lives being hard, a certain section of the population will inevitably respond with "You think YOU have it hard? BACK IN MY DAY ..." before trailing off into hysterics. So one of your main objectives in life should be NOT becoming one of those people, and the best way to do that is to learn how to make your life as easy as possible. And with these various tech-based apps and pieces of software, your existence is gonna be smooth sailing from here on out.

Photo Editing!

scum Luminar 3 Luminar 3

Luminar 3 is an award-winning program that uses AI to make mass edits and improvements to your photos without you having to stumble through a bunch of settings and filters. Consistently catching a glare on your photos? Are your eyes redder than Lucifer? Luminar will clean it right up.

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Curlosity Stream

We all should learn new things. It's how we grow, and it becomes way cooler once you're out of high school. As such, you'll be the coolest person you know with CuriosityStream, the streaming service dedicated to documentaries.

Get a three-year subscription for $45, 25% off $60.


These 9 Products Make Everyday Activities Even Easier

The internet is scary as heck, and not just because Chatroulette was invented there. No, there are also all kinds of hackers, internet service providers, and governments both foreign and domestic just champing at the bit to steal your data. Ivacy VPN can keep them all at bay and make you safer and smarter online.

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Email Management!

G O Y! Aol.

Do you have 2,567 unanswered emails? Are people seeing the notifications next to your email app icon and reevaluating their friendship with you? Are you seeing the notifications next to your email app and it simply doesn't register anymore? Clean Email makes it easy to get your email under control by dumping unwanted messages in bulk, unsubscribing from old lists, and organizing you so that you don't get to this dark place ever again.

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Focus JI

Who has time to read!? You do, it turns out, because you can get 12min. This summary library condenses entire books into digestible text or audio formats that you can consume in just 12 minutes. It includes topics like business, technology, fiction, and medicine, so you'll always have something to read.

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Spend two minutes on any dating app, and you'll realize that literally everybody wants to travel more. And with Dollar Flight Club, you actually can. This service uses an algorithm to identify cheap flights to destinations all over the world, and then sends them directly to your inbox so you can jump on deals as they arise. Just remember to update your dating profile accordingly.

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Mrg wng S Lo thea AR D Report Summary Be cnes Te ouicit akay B $

Me write stupid some time. See? It happens to all of us. Write less stupid with ProWriting Aid. This add-on analyzes your writing to help you fix your syntax, grammar, spelling, and other errors in real time. No more awkward typos asking your boss to "Let me know what you thank!"

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Data Transfer!


Moving your data around when you get a new device can be a real needle in the keister. Cloud services are great, but what if you forgot to put everything on the cloud because you were too busy being a forgetful person? Well, iMazing lets you sync multiple devices' data and transfer it seamlessly between them. So whether you're running out of space on one or you're trying to update a new device, iMazing makes it easy.

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Data Storage!

You've got too many pictures, videos, documents, games, audio files, etc. on your phone and/or computer. How do we know this? It's because it's a basic tenant of life when you own a phone and/or computer. Cloud storage helps you free space on your devices while keeping your important stuff backed up, secured, and accessible. ThunderDrive is a leader in cloud storage, and you can save a bundle on it today.

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Prices are subject to change.

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