These 8 CBD-Filled Products Promise Natural Pain-Relief

These prices are pretty painless, too.
These 8 CBD-Filled Products Promise Natural Pain-Relief

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If you've ever researched natural pain relief remedies and/or watched an Adam Sandler movie on Netflix, odds are you've heard of cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid that boasts an impressive list of therapeutic properties for people suffering from chronic pain, nausea, seizures, anxiety, insomnia, and even cancer-related symptoms. But unlike cannabis itself, CBD isn't psychoactive, so using it doesn't induce the high typically associated with THC. And because we want you to experience the sweet relief CBD can provide, we've assembled some of the best deals on CBD-infused products to help you do anything from get more sleep at night to unwind after a stressful day behind the desk/cash register at the bowling alley.

CBD Gummies 500 mg

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If you're looking for a delicious way to ease pain, reduce stress, get better sleep, and not be so angry while watching Jupiter Ascending, then check out this jar of CBD Gummies. They're made with CBD hemp isolate grown in the USA, with about 9 mg of CBD per bear, and a sweet and slightly sour flavor. It's like less hyperactive Sour Patch Kids. Normally a jar of CBD Gummies sells for $40, but you can click here to save 25 percent and get one for just $29.99.

Medix CBD Gummies (100 mg)


These non-psychoactive CBD gummies are made with phyto-cannabinoid-rich hemp oil, and will help cure restless legs, insomnia, and the anxiety spells you feel after binging a true crime series on Netflix. Normally a bag of ten 10 mg doses costs $16.99, but you can click here to save 23 percent and get one for $13.

Medix CBD Gummies (300 mg)


This 300 mg jar of Medix CBD Gummies grants you a bigger supply of smiling, friendly bears infused with PCR oil to help manage chronic pain or sleeplessness. Normally it sells for $49.99, but if you click here right now, you can get a bag at 29 percent off for $35.

Medix CBD Oil (100 mg)

Medix CBD OIL 4500 MG 300% MODE CRD 130V

If gummy bears aren't really your thing, either because you don't like candy or you find it difficult to eat food that is smiling at you, then check out Medix CDB Oil. Simply use the dropper to infuse your favorite food or drink with the medicating powers of CBD and turn your seven-layer burrito into an eight-layer burrito. (The eighth layer is pain relief!) Normally a 100 mg bottle costs $26.99, but you can click here to take 29 percent off and get one for $19.

Medix "Relax" CBD Vape Oil Cartridge

These 8 CBD-Filled Products Promise Natural Pain-Relief

If you prefer to inhale the healing power of CBD oil as water vapor like some kind of futuristic magician, you can pick up Medix's "Relax" CBD Vape Oil Cartridge for your vape pen. The cartridge features a five-part terpene profile to help you shake off stress and fight illnesses and exhaustion. Normally it sells for $44.99, but you can click here to save 31 percent and get one for just $31.

Medix 150 mg CBD Topical Pain Relief Cream


If you want to relieve pain and inflammation on a specific area of your body, but that topical fungicide you found in the pantry just isn't cutting it, then you should check out Medix's CBD Topical Pain Relief Cream. It combines natural ingredients with CBD to provide fast, targeted relief for muscle aches and creaky old joints. Normally a 150 mg jar costs $35.99, but you can click here to take 30 percent off and get one for $25.

Pet CBD Oil


If you want to help your dog deal with arthritis and/or the anxiety of suddenly adopting a cat, pick up a bottle of Pet CBD Oil. Not only has it been shown to help reduce stress in your furry friends, but it can also help them deal with chronic pain and other symptoms of more serious illnesses. Normally a bottle sells for $49.99, but you can click here to save 29 percent and get one for $35.

Performance Tea Recovery Instant Blend With CBD


Who among us doesn't enjoy tapping into our inner literature professor and relaxing at the end of a long work day with a mug of refreshing tea? Only the narrow-minded don't. For the rest of us, you need Performance Tea Recovery Instant Blend with CBD. This tea blend is infused with CBD and adaptogens like ginseng and eleuthero to help reduce stress, relieve pain, and even settle your stomach. Normally it sells for $50, but you can click here right now to save 16 percent and get it for $42.

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