The Job Site Trailer

The Job Site Trailer
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4:29 am - This article is horrible. - igetit6733
4:22 am - @PebbleMeTimbers Yes. - Jornathan 4:19 am - @Jornathan Were you being sarcastic that time? - PebbleMeTimbers 4:14 am - @BeepsyCollins I actually don’t know what sarcasm is. - Jornathan 4:11 am - @KrisperDan I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic. - BeepsyCollins 4:01 am - @Jornathan You seem awfully close-minded for someone thats such a faggot. - KrisperDan 3:55 am - The first couple sentences were awful, the third couple sentences were the best, and the middle couple sentences were okay. All around okay. - zeebraarbeez 3:51 am - Funny stuff. - simpsonsreference 3:39 am - i liked it and i laughed, but it was a real piece of shit. - loverofthings88 3:23 am - TS;DW (2 short didnt watch) - jlllore 3:16 am - Whatever you were going for, I liked it! - DarryLox 3:15 am - It’s THIS kind of jew propoganda that runs our jew jew jew jew. And niggers too. All the people should die and you especially. Someone please fight me. I am big tough man. - Jornathan 3:09 am - If this were by anyone else, about anything else, at any other place, being read/viewed by me at any other time, and was made in any other way, I would have liked it a lot maybe. - PardonBasket9 3:01 am - Sixteenth! - EmilioYEStivez 2:59 am - Fifteenth! - spectre 2:42 am - I hate everything this website does but I will continue to frequent it because I am an enigma. - TardyBear44 2:33 am - use a better font next time pleez - carnaage 2:27 am - I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about this was great! - SuperFran 2:22 am - that was awesome!!!! i loved the part that was the stuff!!!! :_)(im being sarcasti you dum asshole) - killlller 2:17 am - Did no one else notice it was about comments? I HEART THIS - FrogWanker 2:11 am - It would be better if it were whatever I t hink. - lopsider16 2:05 am - I am the Hi! If you like this whatever it is u should check out this yes you will be liking! ::-==0))((h t t p : // w w w. t a l l w h i t e p e o p l e w h o w a n t t o f a k e d a t e s h o r t a l s o w h i t e p e o p l e . c o m==__)(***==!!!!!!!!!Tall White People Who Want To Fake Date Short Also White People!!! - SexyAnne 1:42 am - Funny jokes, though. - Marby 1:41 am - I could written a better article if I (inaudible), but I won’t because I (inaudible) i haven’t even read the comments that will be made about these comments but I bet i could take a shit and enjoy reading that more than i would enjoy reading anything this has to say. - Marby 1:23 am - nice - onaccident 1:08 am - this isnt even about lost and i can tell you like lost 2 much - healthcandy4 1:03 am - Good stuff! - byaccident 1:01 am - flinstones did it? - amazondude 12:57 am - Fifth! - CasqueOfTheArmadillo 12:49 am - FOURTH! - jr12345 12:33 am - Third! - turnthepage 12:23 am - I am the second one to comment, if you can count this as a comment, which you probably shouldn’t. - fickler 12:08 am - you say its about comments but there arent any comments about it. - puzz3d __________________________________________________________________________________ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

7:59 am - I get the joke (comments on comments), but it should have ended sooner. I’d type “TL;DR” but I already read it. - greetoshot1

7:42 am - If you liked this, you should check out (http:// w w w . My Thing That I Do. c o m) - BotHater

7:39 am - I love these comments. The comments on them just get better and better. - othersimpsonsreference

7:23 am - you should lissen my advise and get better - marshatwot

7:15 am - @MasterAmery I hope not. - Dr.MisterCody

7:15 am - Doesn’t pointing all this stuff out just mean the comments get to you? - MasterAmery

7:08 am - You call those comments? Leave the comments to people who know what they’re doing and go back to making things to comment on. - BeeperBer11

6:56 am - Have I said anything yet? I feel like maybe I should say something. - Minzbom341

6:43 am - hahahaha yes, okay? i liked it too? Well I found this great site for whatever this is also its dating!! ==**__((h t t p : / / w w w . c y b e r f l i r t w i t h c o m p u t e r s t h a t u s e h u m a n n a m e s . c o m(())=+++++—!!!!!!!!!!! - legitimateaccount

6:34 am - loled at 6th comment - parn2none2

6:22 am - this was a good idea but fell apart at the comments - ProfessorWhatever

6:18 am - I saw this a while ago on some other website. Well, it wasn’t this, but it was like this. Well, it wasn’t exactly like this, but it was sort of about the same thing. It wasn’t really about comments, but it used the word “comment” at least once, maybe more. Probably not more than, but definitely as much as. Also it wasn’t the word “comment,” it was the word “lament.” Anyway, way to steal someone else’s idea. - fringebaker989

6:04 am - Tenth! - gibberish

5:55 am - 9th! - dirtliker12

5:42 am - jus because this happened doesnt mean your not still complete shit - eijhlll

5:29 am - I am the seventh person to comment. - AlwaysNumberSeven7

5:22 am - Sixth! - NeverNumberSeven6

4:57 am - Fifth! - DarthAmazing

4:52 am - Number 4! - sweeetamber

4:39 am - Third! - pestulencepestulance

4:33 am - Second! - CarnacTheFagnificent

4:31 am - omg do we get to comment on the comments? - Larkin5

0:00 - Zero! - hhhhi

?:?? - I have somehow commented before the person that commented before the first person to comment. I am more than a little terrified. - aspermeh

?:?? - Negative second! - 4443321

?:?? - Negative third! - Windexus

?:?? - Negative fourth! - SpiteHammer

?:?? - I don’t know, I like it. I assume someone will be able to comment on our comments after these comments. Its like its being interactively meta after already being meta like two times over. - JoinIn22

?:?? - FAIL - facelessname

?:?? - I’m not sure what I’d like to comment on more… the article, the comments, the fact that we get to comment on the comments, or some bizarre n-dimensional fourth thing that relates to the fact that I am now the eighth person to comment before the person who commented before the first person who commented. - Mxyzptlk

?:?? - fail - namelessface

?:?? - Just because this is what it is doesn’t mean it’s funny. - summary455

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