Become The Genius You Know You Are With These 5 Courses

Become The Genius You Know You Are With These 5 Courses

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Being stuck in an unfulfilling job can make postgraduate education sound like paradise. "I can get my Masters and order will return to the world? SIGN ME UP." But before you drop tens of thousands of dollars on an advanced degree and a new college hoodie, remember that just showing up to class won't automatically lead to riches and an office that doesn't overlook a dumpster. You have to prove your competence and hit your marks before you can land a gig. Take a gander at the following tools, which could help rocket-boost you through the rigors of academia.

Interactive Web Developer Bootcamp

Currently, there are 644 million active websites on the internet, which actually feels kind of small, in a way. At our last count, there were over 16 trillion Tom Hiddleston fan sites, so it feels like there should be more. Also, doesn't Google claim to give over two billion results per search? What the heck are all those links going to? Our pondering over Google aside, 644 million potential websites to service is still plenty big enough that anyone with knowledge of coding will have job security for life.

But to pick up the technical know-how needed to be a coder, you'll have to hit the books. With this Interactive Web Developer Bootcamp, you'll master HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the front end, and application logic on the back end with Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and database management systems. This deep dive into web development is just $29, 94 percent off the sticker price.

School Of Game Design: Lifetime Membership

When it comes to tough industries to crack, video game development has the acting world in a headlock while giving it a noogie. Millions dream of creating video games, but only the lucky few ever get to create Sonic Adventure 3. If you think getting an MS in computer science is going to make it easier, you're probably better off spending your parent's money on more improv classes. Because if you want to make it in this business, you're going to need to be able to strike off on your own with an indie project.

Fortunately, the School of Game Design has over 120 hours of training content to get you started. You'll be taught 2D and 3D game development by seasoned industry professionals, with lifetime access to all of their reference materials. You also get a plethora of royalty-free assets, so you can work on building out the skeleton of your interactive masterpiece without worrying about the color of your avatar's toenails. The School of Game Design course usually goes for thousands, but you can get it in our store for $69.

Startup School Bundle

Much like pure talent or mountain lion wrestling techniques, good ideas just can't be taught. If they could, then every Joe who walked into business school would come out as the next Jeff Bezos. And we all know that the next Jeff Bezos is the B.E.Z.O.S. 9000. However, if you already have a good idea, it's not enough to just show up to a pitch meeting and start yelling as fast as you can. To get some expert assistance honing your ideas into an enterprise, check out this Startup School Bundle.

Throughout the ten included courses, you'll master every aspect of starting up a startup. You'll get things like advice on marketing and comprehensive guides on search engine optimization and growth hacking practices. And to help you stay lean, this bundle will show you how to outsource developers and stick to the bare essentials while building your MVP. Pick up the Startup School Bundle for $40.

The Ultimate MBA & GMAT Test Prep Bundle

Pop culture tends to portray business school as nothing more than inspirational leadership seminars, some basic economics, and a full calendar of caffeine-fueled networking events. In reality ... yeah that's probably about right. But still, if you're looking for the surest path to wealth, an MBA is the best way to secure a lifetime of cushy jobs in upper management.

However, you still need to prove that you have some baseline knowledge by passing the GMAT. Get some help with your math and verbal reading skills with a collection of exam prep courses. Once you've gotten that out of the way, you can focus on acing your application, or decide if more school is even the right choice with a self-contained virtual MBA program. Pick up the Ultimate MBA & GMAT Test Prep Bundle for $39.

Velocity Online LSAT Test Prep: All-Access Pass

Going to law school four years ago was a fiscally dangerous proposition. With the country still reeling from the recession, tens of thousands obtained fresh JDs and found nowhere to use them. Luckily, all that bad news turned people off from taking LSATs for a while, and the steadily improving employment market has once again made it a great path to a lucrative career.

But that doesn't mean that law school has been relegated to easy mode. You still have to put in all the grueling legwork and have the right amount of smarts to boot. To help you ace step one of this professional discipline, Velocity Online LSAT Test Prep is here. This one-stop shop for conditioning your legal mind offers over 100 hours of instructional videos and access to real test questions from the last 17 years. For just $199, you get eight months of access to all of their resources.

Only Cracked Alumni make it into the revered Doctors Association. So grab your Thesaurus and buckle up. It's gonna be a bumpy night.

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