1 New Pop Culture Mashup Shirt (Plus a New Design Contest)

1 New Pop Culture Mashup Shirt (Plus a New Design Contest)

Cracked has always subsisted on a strict diet of movies, music, television, video games, and, lastly, sports (voyeuristically, never as participants). As you might expect, we have swollen to enormous and sickly proportions from consuming so recklessly, but by God, we are happy. And in commemoration of that happiness, we present a limited time T-shirt that brings all of our favorite vices together in a pop culture casserole. Yum.


This concept was submitted to us by Thomas Sobiech for the contest in which we asked our community to make shirts that captured the soul of Cracked. Congratulations, Thomas, you capture souls like a Ghostbuster, friend. Sadly, this design is only available for a limited time and then we're shattering the mold ... or whatever device you use to make T-shirts. Actually, we should probably look into that.

We're Looking for Ideas for Adorable Cultural Icons, Terrifyingly Reimagined!

Man, that was a good segue. We've got a new contest running that pays $500 to the winner(s), and honestly, we're absolutely terrible at picking just one. The last contest had five winners, and everyone got rich!* This month's contest asks you to reimagine your favorite benign characters of childhood as something just a little too terrifying to love. You can post your terror-nostalgia here before 4 p.m. PST on January 31, and if it's childishly nefarious enough, we'll throw $500 your way. Your childhood self would be green with envy over that amount of cash. Oh, and speaking of envy ...

*Concepts of staggering wealth may vary.

Our Weekly Dose of Envy

Man, we are killing it with segues today.

No matter how many great shirts we roll out, there are just so many awesome new ones pouring out of the figurative woodwork of the Internet. While we're wallowing in our own jealousy for not thinking of them first, go ahead and check out our five favorites right here:



Available from Glennz Tees


1 New Pop Culture Mashup Shirt (Plus a New Design Contest)

Available from Design by Humans



Available from Amorphia Apparel



Available from Shirtoid



Available from Glennz Tees

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