Stay Cozy This Winter With This Eight-Person Blanket

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Friends who snuggle together, stay together. And with the Big Blanket (TM), your friend group of eight (and probably no more than eight) can all snuggle comfortably together while watching The Masked Singer. Do you have more than eight friends? Well then they're probably shallow friendships you haven't had the time to invest in. Whittle it down to eight and then jump under this blanket.

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More than four times the size of the average throw blanket, the Big Blanket (TM) measures 10x10 feet, so if you want to invite Yao Ming, Tacko Fall, and Sultan Kosen all over to cozy up by the fire for a Christmas movie night, you'll have a blanket to keep them and you very happy. (Yao loves Betty White, just FYI.)

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You might think that being uncharacteristically enormous would be enough for the Big Blanket (TM), but you'd be wrong. It's also made from ultra-premium stretchy material, and is temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking so that everyone under it doesn't sweat. And if they do sweat, they keep that sweat to themselves. Oh, and it's machine-washable, despite weighing 11 pounds (!) when folded.

Big Blanket (TM), big price, right? Nope. Normally $500, you can save 74% and get it today for $129.

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