Relearn What You Forgot About High School French (For Cheap)

Nobody will every make fun of you behind your back in another language ever again.
Relearn What You Forgot About High School French (For Cheap)

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Whether you're getting ready to vacation out of country, looking to start your career as a globetrotting secret agent, or just don't want to be the type of curd-wad who goes their whole life shouting "Speak English, dagnabbit!" at truck stops, you're going to want to learn at least one more language than the one you already know. So check out these language software deals and brush up on your multilingualism. Otherwise we're going to make fun of you in French, and you won't even realize we're doing it.

Mondly -- Lifetime Subscription

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If you want to start learning a new language immediately, then you have to download Mondly. With Mondly, all you need to do is speak into your smartphone like it's haunted by the spirit of your high school language lab teacher, and Mondly's speech recognition technology will listen to your pronunciation and phrasing. The app will then provide positive feedback when you start to sound more like a native speaker. (It doesn't give negative feedback, but Mondly's cold, judgmental silence when you mess up is enough.)

Mondly also boasts a cast of professional voice actors who will hold conversations for your benefit, allowing you to learn the proper pronunciation from people who grew up speaking the language. Click here right now to get a lifetime subscription to Mondly with access to five of 33 available languages for just $69.99, a mind-blowing 94 percent off the normal retail price of $1,199.75.

uTalk Language Education -- Lifetime Subscription


uTalk Language Education can teach you 133 different languages from the comfort of your own cozy web browser. uTalk provides you with practical vocabulary and conversational education from native-speaking voice artists so you won't sound like some kind of dummy when you, for example, visit Italy and order pizza with "extra mooz-er-el." Plus, you can access your uTalk from any electronic device at any time, allowing you to flex those foreign language muscles from home, work, or in the backseat of an Uber on your way to the airport. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to uTalk with access to six languages of your choice for $29.99, 92 percent off the regular price of $389.94.

Rosetta Stone Subscriptions


Rosetta Stone has been called the "gold standard" by CNN, and has won PC Magazine's Editors' Choice Award for Best Language-Learning Software five years in a row, which basically makes it the Golden State Warriors of independent language study. (But better, because Rosetta Stone never dropped one to the Cavs, and certainly doesn't need Kevin Durant.)

Rosetta Stone utilizes an immersive teaching method, which includes interactive lessons, top-shelf voice recognition technology, and an advanced speech engine that allows you to compare your accent with those of native speakers. If you can't afford to spend a semester abroad and are unlikely to be abducted by a team of international and conversational jewel thieves anytime soon, a Rosetta Stone subscription is the next best thing. Right now, you can get a 12-month subscription to the language of your choosing for $109.99, a 38 percent markdown from the standard price of $179.99.

Once you've mastered your new language, put it to use with this Facebook Ads And Facebook Marketing Mastery Course and The WordPress Essential Lifetime Bundle.

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