Rapping Leprechauns, Willow and a Terrifying Wedding Cake: The Daily Nooner (EST)!

Rapping Leprechauns, Willow and a Terrifying Wedding Cake: The Daily Nooner (EST)!
Awesome Video Of The Day The Nooner Challenge: Can You Watch This Entire Video? I've never seen Leprechaun In The Hood, but I sort of... well... I sort of own it, I guess. I rented it once, never watched it, and then lost it somewhere in the sea of ironic purchases that is my house. Blockbuster ended up charging me $10 for it, which, coupled with the price of the rental, means that I shelled out an embarrassing $14 total to own Leprechaun In The Hood... AND I NEVER EVEN WATCHED IT. I'm not sure if watching it would make this story more or less embarrassing, though. Paying $14 to own a movie and never watching it is pretty stupid, but you know what else is? Watching
Leprechaun In The Hood. For the uninitiated, the Leprechaun oeuvre is made up of a whopping six films to date - with a long-awaited seventh entry1, Leprechaun In The Old West, potentially slated for a 2009 release, which will finally answer the age-old question: What would happen if there was a Leprechaun in the Old West? I'm pretty sure this Leprechaun rap represents the absolute lowest point of the entire franchise, if not the lowest point of Warwick Davis (aka Willow)'s career. I triple-dog-dare you to watch the whole thing. 1 I wrote a really elaborate analogy here about cooking food that sucks and saving the leftovers so you can eat it seven more times, but this one is shorter and about 10 times more effective: You can shoot a turd into outer space, you can drop a turd off in "the hood" (twice), and you can send a turd back in time to the Old West, but guess what? It's still just a turd.

Wildcard! Til Death Do You Part I've never planned a wedding before, but I know that it's something people take pretty seriously. Everything has to be perfect: the catering, the DJ, the decor, the seating arrangements, the cake... it's gotta be a lot of work, and you want to make sure that you get everything just right. And everyone is different, so you know what? If a bride wants to have her wedding cake shaped like a life-sized version of herself, that is her prerogative. If a bride, on her special day, wants to have a picture-perfect replica of herself CUT UP INTO LITTLE PIECES AND SERVED TO HER WEDDING GUESTS, who are we to judge? I will say, however, that the groom looks a little bit bummed out. That or completely terrified. Take your pick.
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