Rapping Groundhogs, Reptilian Shape-Shifters and An Open Call For Letters: The Daily Nooner (EST)!

Rapping Groundhogs, Reptilian Shape-Shifters and An Open Call For Letters: The Daily Nooner (EST)!
Awesome Video Of The Day Helpin' People Is Cool (Go G-Hog!) When I was growing up, me and my friends always used to talk about how health care careers were "lame" and "for total douche nozzles." After watching this commercial, I see now how wrong we were. Maybe if we'd had viral web videos featuring rapping groundhogs back then things would have turned out better for me - I'm basically a vagrant now. Do you have any idea how much plasma I've sold this month? I'm cold pretty much all the time. According to this article, the commercial was thought up by Shannon Powers - a press officer for Pennsylvania's Department of Labor - for "Health Careers Week." Powers cowrote the rap with another officer, and it was performed by an undisclosed state worker. I wonder why they didn't give their name? This could have been their big break. With totally sick flows like "flexible hours, competitive wages / many jobs at different educational stages" and "chances for advancement, you'll never be a zero / choose a job in health care, become a health care hero," I don't think they're gonna have any problem staffing Pennsylvania hospitals for a while. From now on their only concern is gonna be finding the tightest, freshest beats... and trying to think of something that rhymes with "defibrillator."

The Best Conspiracy Theories Ever Awesome Conspiracy #2: Reptilian Shape-Shifters (aka "Reptoids") Run The Planet Nuts And Bolts: "Reptoids" - half reptile, half humanoid creatures - have been living deep beneath the Earth's surface for eons. In addition to living underground, reptoids also live on other planets and "in alternate vibrational states of reality." Whether they descended from dinosaurs or came from another planet/dimension, today these cave-dwelling creatures supposedly enjoy positions of authority within the highest echelons of our society. Evidence: Proponents of the reptoid theory say that all the "extraterrestrial" sightings you hear about are probably actually reptoid sightings. Theorists also claim that the scientific community's interest in exploring outer space is merely a ploy to keep our attention away from what's lurking beneath our own planet's surface. Oh - and
one of them claims that Princess Diana told him personally that her and the Royal Family were aliens. How convenient. Plausability: It doesn't even really matter - if it were true, what could we do about it? They're underground, on other planets and IN OTHER DIMENSIONS. How do you fight something that's in another dimension? I guess you use a portal of some kind, probably, but I don't own any transdimensional portals. Do you? If we're controlled by Reptilian Shape-Shifters, forget a rebel uprising - they're running the show and there's nothing we can do about it. If you own any pet lizards, I suggest you get rid of it right now just in case. That would probably really piss them off.
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