Print Your Own Money With This Amazon Web Services Bundle

Print Your Own Money With This Amazon Web Services Bundle

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Amazon is the Galactus of businesses, devouring everything it sees before it. What's a simple human to do against such an awesome show of force? Hop on board, of course! With Amazon Web Services, you can make like the Silver Surfer and join the winning team, making a bunch of money in the process. However, spray painting yourself silver is not advised.

What is AWS?

Print Your Own Money With This Amazon Web Services Bundle

Amazon Web Services is a cloud-computing platform with an array of tools for hosting websites, storing data, and crunching numbers harder than a kid crunching Frosted Flakes before school. Small companies looking to release products over the web or a startup with the next great app typically have to make a huge upfront investment to rent servers at a fixed price. But with AWS, you can use as little or as much power as you need, and then pay accordingly. The dynamic pricing structure allows organizations to scale their operations when they need to, and turn down the dials when business is slow.

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With thousands of server racks spread across the world, Amazon commands over 44 percent of the global market share of public cloud computing platforms, which is more than Microsoft's Azure, Alibaba, Rackspace, and Google Cloud combined. "But Cracked Store, if they're so big, how come I didn't know about this before?" We don't know. Maybe stop reading so many books and pay attention? Regardless, AWS powers tons of hugely popular media streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, and Hulu, and also supplies hardware and software for countless other companies. Basically, it's the world's largest public cloud by a wide margin, and functions as the de facto pastry shell to the internet's cream filling.

What If I'm Not Much Of A Businessperson?

That's OK. You don't need business ideas to make bank with AWS -- only skills, some hard work, and maybe a decent instant coffee maker. IT workers well-versed in AWS can easily command six-figure salaries right off the bat. According to a recent survey by Global Knowledge, AWS Certified Solutions Architects earn nearly $120,000 annually. In contrast, IT pros with similar certifications and experience hover around the $80,000 mark. That's a $40,000 difference -- $40,000 which you could spend on cars or pizza or 800 used Gamecubes. Look, our point is that you don't need to be a human born with calculators for eyes to see the difference.

But What If I Don't Have Any Ideas For A Small Business or App?

If you are looking to catch up to all the other cool kids on team Bezos, this AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Bundle will show you the ropes. Over the course of 22 hours of material, you'll get introduced to everyone in the extended AWS family: Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), Relational Database Service (RDS), and Elastic Block Store (EBS). You'll learn how to choose the right blend of services for your needs, and formulate powerful, fault-tolerant information systems.

Usually $649, you can pick up the AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Bundle from the Cracked Shop for just $49. Take an extra 50 percent off the bundle with the coupon code BUNDLE50. But hurry, it expires on 10/22.

You may not be a Billionaire Playboy yet, Little Dreamer, but hang in there. You will be someday. I Want to Believe.

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