Pay What You Want Course Bundle? Where Do We Sign?

A career as a DevOps engineer is literally at your fingertips.
Pay What You Want Course Bundle? Where Do We Sign?

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Let's say, for the sake of argument, you're reading this at work right now. Let's also say that you're hiding out in the bathroom on an extended break, because your job is one where you get paid very little to do something you can't stand. Or perhaps you get paid a reasonable amount, but you know in your heart that you're worth so much more. Or as a third possibility, you get a decent salary, but your job has become so unfulfilling that you're one carny smiling at you away from joining the circus. Regardless of which scenario applies to you, we're confident that you are reading this in the bathroom.

Well, good news! A lucrative new career as a DevOps engineer is literally at your fingertips with the Pay What You Want DevOps Bundle.


DevOps engineers are IT professionals who specialize in working with software development teams and system operators to make communication between the two more efficient. Now, we realize all of that may have struck your ears as a blur of egghead speak, so allow us to explain. Basically, you're working with Dev (the people who make the software a company uses) and Ops (the people who have to operate the software) in order to make sure that all the code is the best it possibly can be. In this pay-what-you-want training bundle, you'll learn all the skills you need to become a skilled IT professional (which could net you a six-figure salary, to boot).

You'll get lifetime access to over 45 hours of instruction in the software and tools you'll need as a DevOps engineer. That includes over 2,000 lessons on mastering Jenkins CI, Linux Shell Scripting, Kubernetes, Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, and Git, as well as working with Amazon Web Services and Chef to code your cloud computing infrastructure. "Sure, a new career as a DevOps Engineer sounds great, and this bundle is just the ticket," you're probably saying (or grunting over a toilet), "but is it expensive?" In short, no! Normally this bundle retails for over $800, but simply click here right now and beat the average price, and you get lifetime access to the entire bundle. Basically, you pay only as much as you want to. That's a potential 99 percent discount on an exciting new career. So if you're feeling even the least bit dissatisfied with your current job, then what are you waiting for, pal? Get bundled up in this bundle!

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