Online Security Is Hard! These 10 Items Make It Easy

You have the right to be paranoid about the safety of your data.
Online Security Is Hard! These 10 Items Make It Easy

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You have the right to be paranoid about the safety of your data. And it's kind of hard not to be these days, considering that every other week brings us news like "POPULAR WEBSITE HACK LEAKS DATA OF 30 BAJILLION PEOPLE." So allow us to help beef up your online security with these deals in the Cracked Store.

RememBear Password Manager Subscriptions

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RememBear is the helpful, thoughtful app that gathers all your app passwords together like it's storing them for winter, and then protects them like they're its own defenseless cubs. Not only is it super cute, but all your passwords will be protected with AES256 encryption, making sure you're the only one who can see your data.

Normally $60, you can get RememBear in the Cracked Store for just $39.99.

Sticky Password Premium -- Lifetime Subscription

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Do you love the security of long, complicated passwords, but lack the creativity to develop them yourself, or the memory to keep track of them? No problem. Sticky Password does both. This award-winning password management and form-filler program is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Normally $149.99, you can get yours in the Cracked Store for just $49.99. Save an additional 25% with code WEEKEND25.

Getflix -- Lifetime Subscription


How often does this happen to you: You're kidnapped by international criminals and locked in an attic. Luckily, you happen to sneak a cellphone into your predicament, and are able to get a signal -- but since you're somewhere in Europe, and Netflix is region-locked, you can't watch your favorite shows. You need Getflix, which uses VPN to unblock more than 300 streaming channels around the world so you can watch whatever you want, no matter where you are.

Normally $823.50, you can buy yours in the Cracked Store right now for just $49. Plus, get an extra 25% off this weekend with code WEEKEND25, bringing the price to just $36.75.

Ivacy VPN -- Lifetime Subscription

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Ivacy VPN offers P2P file-sharing and secure browsing with total anonymity, thanks to 1,000 servers at 100 locations around the globe. That means you can take it pretty much anywhere, save for maybe the middle of the Arctic Ocean. But hey, who knows, maybe they'll build a server there too.

Normally $1,194, you can get Ivacy VPN in the Cracked Store for just $39.99. You can use that handy 25% off code here too (WEEKEND25), and get it for just $30.

TigerVPN -- Three-Year Subscription

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TigerVPN will unblock websites for you in any international location, all while protecting your privacy with the ferocity of a zebra, or an okapi, or a western bongo ... some kind of big striped animal that's very ferocious.

Normally $429.00, you can buy TigerVPN in the Cracked Store for just $69.99.

Hushed Private Phone Line -- Lifetime Subscription

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There are all kinds of reasons to keep your phone line private, and we're not even talking about the sketchy reasons. Online dating, selling stuff on Craigslist, and calling back unknown numbers are all made safer and easier with Hushed Private Phone Lines. Choose from hundreds of area codes across the U.S. and Canada.

Normally $150, you can get Hushed Private Phone Line in the Cracked Store for just $18.75 with code WEEKEND25.

Vault: The Online Security Cloud

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The Vault Online Security Cloud includes access to NordVPN, Dashlane Password Manager, Degoo 2TB Backup, and Panda's virus protector to secure your digital identity and all of your online files. It's the easiest way to get complete protection in one subscription, short of hiring Freakazoid to enter the interwebs and blast those baddies himself.

Stay hidden and stay safe with Vault for just $9.99 per month, available now in the Cracked Store. Save an additional 25% with code WEEKEND25.

Call Control Premium -- One-Year Subscription

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There are 35 billion robocalls placed to Americans each year, and Call Control can protect you from them. Automatically blocking anyone with a personal call and SMS blacklist, and even knowing the difference between IRS scammers and legitimate businesses, Call Control is a great deal.

Normally $29.99, you can get a year of Call Control in the Cracked Store for just $15 with code WEEKEND25.

Degoo Premium -- Lifetime 1 TB Backup Plan

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Imagine losing all your data. Your photos, videos, and word docs with your rambling treatises on the Game Of Thrones finale are all gone. It's a fate worse than death, right? Degoo Premium can prevent that terrible fate with 1 TB of rock-solid backup. Normally $900, you can buy Degoo in the Cracked Store right now for just $49.99.

Windscribe VPN -- Two-Year Pro Subscription

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Windscribe VPN protects an unlimited number of devices by fencing up your online activity, unblocking websites, removing ads, and pile-driving those nasty trackers.

Normally $216, get two years of WindScribe VPN in the Cracked Store for just $44.25 with the code WEEKEND25.

You can also safeguard your home with this Lizatech Wi-Fi Home Alarm Security System and this dbell HD Video Doorbell With Intercom.

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