Numbers Will Definitely Add Up With These Data Science Tools

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We all wish we could crunch the numbers and analyze the fantasy elements of My Pretty Pony like Dustin of Stranger Things. No? Only like a handful of you are into the Pony thing? Well in that case, how do you feel about crunching numbers so you can make tons of money? You're more into that, right? Well, given that "data scientist" has been Glassdoor's #1 career for four years running, you'll definitely make some serious cash, and you'll definitely, de-fin-ite-ly be cooler than Dustin. Plus, all October long, you can save an extra 75% off all online courses when you use the code LEARN75 at checkout. What can you learn, you ask?


Microsoft Excel

You may know Excel as that program your mom used to manage your JV soccer team's phone tree, much to the admiration of her peers. But Excel does far, far more than organize phone numbers. You can use Excel to perform complex data analysis, allowing you to draw insights like "People are 32% less likely to shake hands with a polar bear if the polar bear was not previously institutionalized in a zoo." We made that stat up, but it could be real, and with Excel, you can illustrate that bogus stat in all its glory. Thanks to charts and graphs, you can make your findings so glaringly convincing that even polar bears could understand and begin to actively campaign to manipulate the data. You'll get:

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The Other Data Science Tools

Yeah, so Excel is the one that most people know and the vast majority of offices worldwide use, but if you want to really start makin' the bacon, you need to develop some more advanced knowledge. Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes managing data on the cloud effortless as long as you have some training, while machine learning tools like Python are becoming crucial to making accurate data predictions so your company can stay ahead of the curve.

Tableau is one of the most advanced data visualization tools on the market, allowing you to go beyond shaking hands with polar bears to visualizing exactly what time of day people are most willing to shake hands with polar bears, and how it would impact the data if you applied variables, like how recently the polar bear ate a seal, whether it was previously in a Coke commercial, and if it "seems like someone you'd want to have a beer with." Check out:

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