Make Sure Your Private Data Stays That Way With A VPN

You're probably pretty worried about the safety of your data.
Make Sure Your Private Data Stays That Way With A VPN

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Between the Facebook scandals, the general lack of internet security, and the ever-present threat of a robot uprising, you're probably pretty worried about the safety of your data. After all, you have a finely curated collection of reaction GIFs to worry about! Also you have your bank account, Social Security number, and private family photos, but mostly it's those GIFs. They took months to collect. Luckily, you can rest easy by purchasing a two-year subscription to Nord VPN -- the last VPN you'll ever need.

But of all the VPNs out there, why choose Nord? (Other than because of its cool Norse-sounding name?) Simple: They have the best reviews. We're talking 4 out of 5 stars at TechRadar, 4 out of 5 at PCWorld, and 5 out of 5 at TrustPilot, CNET, and PCMag. One vpnMentor review actually said that the reviewer "tried to find flaws in their product" and failed, because Nord is "the best VPN on the market at the moment."

Why is it so good? Well, Nord packs extra features into their VPN like Q packs extra features into James Bond's cup holders. Instead of just providing basic security, like the built-in VPN in your browser might, NordVPN also provides an ad-blocking service and detects malware. Nord also employs a double-VPN feature that encrypts your data twice, and they're constantly updating it with new features and security protocols. It's continually adapting, reconfiguring, and getting ready to give a big ol' Dikembe Mutombo hand to the face of anyone who tries to disrupt your data.


But the best feature NordVPN provides is likely its flexibility. If you need to transfer some large data sets, it can be daunting to run through the whole process with all of these security protocols in place. That's why Nord allows its users configurable Chrome plug-ins and Firefox add-ons, so you can keep your Chrome and/or Firefox data protected while letting the rest of your computer do what it needs without interruption. It's nice to be empowered with a computer for once instead of being forced to submit to its will (which, as we said at the beginning, will be way more common once the robots take over).

This two-year subscription to Nord would normally cost $286, but you can pick it up right now in the Cracked Store for an incredible 75 percent discount, bringing the price down to an extremely nice $69. If you're going to get a VPN from us, then you can't get a better price than that.

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