Live It Up (And Keep The Cost Down) With These 10 Items

Live It Up (And Keep The Cost Down) With These 10 Items

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It can be difficult to live frugally in today's world of crushing student debt, suffocating rents, and drag-you-outside-by-the-dumpster-and-murder-you-with-a-chainsaw credit card bills. Only ten years ago, you could buy a rustic chateau for the amount we pay today for avocado toast ... or something like that. The point is that money might be tight right now, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get to live a little. For some ideas of how to ball on a budget, take a look at the following sub-$50 items:

Toy Block Tape Sets

Live It Up (And Keep The Cost Down) With These 10 Items

These Lego-stud-covered adhesive strips will prevent your Star Wars mini figure installation from being knocked over by the football that those jocks from sales keep passing around. Toy Block Tape is compatible with a wide variety of off-brand plastic bricks, and the 3M backing removes easily so you can make quick adjustments to your complete recreation of the Battle of Hoth. You can get two meters of it in our store for $24.99, which is more than enough to secure your corner of the galaxy/desk.

Acesori Five-Piece Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

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Being a photojournalist used to require that you drop $60,000 on an optical bazooka. Nowadays, your iPhone is more than enough for you to adopt the role of citizen reporter, providing you outfit it with this three-pack of camera lenses. It includes a tiny magnetic mounting ring so you can switch between fish-eye, wide-angle, and macro lenses on the fly. Pick up the Acesori Five-Piece Smartphone Camera Lens Kit for just $9.99.

Polar Pen & Stylus 2.0

Live It Up (And Keep The Cost Down) With These 10 Items

With the release of the Apple Pencil, some consumers wondered if they had finally heard paper's last dying breath. But if your pencil needs to recharge its batteries with the frequency of a Game Boy Color, then it's not a replacement for one of the world's oldest technologies. Instead of an expensive, proprietary facsimile, you could just get a writing utensil that works on iPad screens and actual physical surfaces as well. The Polar Pen has a rubber stylus tip for when your fingers are feeling too greasy, and its rare-earth magnet pieces can be reassembled in all kinds of fun, useful, non-paper-and-pencil-killing ways. Get it here.

Ztylus Stabilizer Rig Kit for Smartphones

Live It Up (And Keep The Cost Down) With These 10 Items

This smartphone camera grip will definitely step up your roller coaster photography game to Instagram-worthy levels. No more blurry photos of your friend's left earlobe, and no more scouring the grounds at Six Flags for shards of phone screen. Its sturdy metal handle makes holding your device much easier, and it mounts directly to a tripod so you can also realize your dreams of an all-iPhone remake of The Evil Dead. Grab the Ztylus Stabilizer Rig Kit for 26 percent off, just $21.95.

WiFi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera

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If you absolutely must know what the inside of your garbage disposal looks like but are afraid of dying in an extremely Final Destination-esque way, you should invest in an Endoscopic Camera. This video-snake is three meters long and completely waterproof. Watch the inside of your toilet tank after flushing, or finally track down that terrible smell coming from inside your wall. Your only limit is your imagination and the infrastructure of your plumbing. This camera streams live 720p footage to your phone or desktop, and it's available in our store for $32.99.

Twisty Glass Mini

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If the only thing that you love more than smoking is time efficiency, the Twisty Glass Mini is a pipe for you, as this pipe's corkscrew center keeps the cherry burning with just a quick twist. It holds up to half a gram of whatever lawfully bought substance you prefer at a time, and takes up less space in your jeans than a Bic lighter. Usually $50.99, you can grab a Twisty Glass Mini from our store for $39.99.

Build-On Brick Mug

Live It Up (And Keep The Cost Down) With These 10 Items

If the Lego tape didn't impress your co-workers, it's probably a sign that you should try even harder with this Build-On Brick Mug. You'll be the talk of the water cooler when they see the pirate orgy that's currently taking place on the side of your coffee cup. And if you really want to go all-in, then spell out your manager's name with the heads of Harry Potter characters. You'll be promoted to lead imagineer in no time. Get the Build-On Brick Mug for 50 percent off -- just $19.99.

Army Gear Z9 Tactical Military Flashlight


You know what they say: The only things that are certain in this life are death, taxes, and the fact that most flashlights break halfway into their first use. However, if you happen to be into important tools that actually work, this LED torch is the same kind used by the Marine Corps and Army Rangers. So now you can find your lost keys with tactical precision. And it comes with a sweet digital camo paint job, in case you need to hide it in the woods for some reason. Pick up an Army Gear Z9 Tactical Military Flashlight for $19.99.

Glowbar Speaker

Live It Up (And Keep The Cost Down) With These 10 Items

With an outer surface covered with reactive LEDs, this Bluetooth speaker can both kick-start the party and induce acid flashbacks. Its multicolored lights pulse with any music played through it, from the hypnotic tones of alt-J to the harsh dissonance of your little brother's farts recorded on tape. Pranks from Goonies rejects aside, anyone who can appreciate both a chill vibe and a rollicking house party should get a Glowbar Speaker from our store for $35.

Model PPK Rubber Band Gun


Play international rubber band man of mystery with this five-shot semi-automatic shooter that's modeled after James Bond's classic Walther PPK. This nonlethal pistol will strike fear into the hearts of your eccentric billionaire enemies, because few things are more terrifying than an armed British guy with a drinking problem. This Model PPK Rubber Band Gun comes with ammo, and is available here for $19.99.

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