Like NBC's ads, this Heroes post contains Heroes spoilers

andosword.jpgLast night, the third episode of Heroes contained what should have been the biggest revelation of the season: Sylar is still alive. This would have been a big surprise if you hadn’t seen any of the ads over the last week that repeatedly announced “Sylar’s back.” In the world of advertising blunders, this ranks right up there with advertising Bruce Willis as ‘a crime solving ghost’ in The Sixth Sense. This was also a great episode to see a perfect example where artistic vision can intersect with business practicality in a harmonious union. Entertainment executives, take note: a shape shifter can be easily replaced with another actress entirely. Expect to see producers in the future use this as leverage in negotiations with difficult actors. If this breakthrough had only been made a few years ago,
Friends could still be on the air. Other things that we know now. This blog’s favorite character, the Nissan Rogue, made a dramatic reappearance in Mexico. How will the Rogue’s sharp styling and rugged suspension handle Mexico’s unevenly maintained highway system? We’ll have to tune in to find out! Hiro is fixing history with great success, and developing a hopeless crush on a woman old enough to be his great-great-great etc... He’s also sending messages into the future via the most contrived device one could possibly imagine. As a code, “Ando, open” would feel sloppy even in a Dan Brown novel. Micah has been left with his grandmother, played by Nichelle Nichols. Nichols is perhaps best known as Uhura from
Star Trek, and was hurriedly cast after George Takei’s character was killed off, due to a little known Screen Actors Guild regulation. The final painting in Isaac’s series of posthumous plot devices reveals that Mr. Bennet will get a bullet in the face by the end of the season. What the other six paintings display is as yet unknown, but given the shows love of plot twists, expect at least one of them to show Bennet paying a homeless man $50 to wear an unusually realistic looking mask of him. It’s either that or a shape shifter. Maybe a homeless shape shifter? Peter is now a brother of the brother of the sister he is now kissing. This was a very challenging scene to watch, and possibly an homage to Star Wars. Sylar has lost his powers, which was
one of the few predictions where I really stepped out on a limb during my pre-season analysis. This blog entry will return to its regularly scheduled tom-foolery after this "accurate prediction fist pump." <fist pump> Also, Candace claimed that when she rescued Sylar she was working on behalf a third party. But who is this mysterious third party? The number of unknown conspiracies in this show is really starting to add up. At this point probably the safest bet is to say she was taking orders from a shadowy group jointly led by Leonard Nimoy and a Nissan Altima.
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