Learn Machine Learning Like A Machine W/This Course Bundle

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Learn Machine Learning Like A Machine W/This Course Bundle

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If you graduated college in 1990 and told people that you were going to work in artificial intelligence and machine learning, they would invariably make a Terminator joke and heartily laugh you out of the room. However, if you're a young person who just graduated or is about to graduate, telling people you're working in AI and machine learning is far more likely to impress than to amuse.

Machine learning engineers make, on average, $114,000 a year, which makes it one of the highest-paying careers in the U.S. Too bad you didn't take enough AI and machine learning courses to get into the business. Well it's not too late! The Essential AI & Machine Learning Certification Training Bundle can give you the education you need to jump from college right into a lucrative, challenging new career.

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This four-course bundle gives you a comprehensive introduction to AI and machine learning concepts. You'll learn how to create neural networks and deep architectures that solve problems and learn on their own. You'll also discover how to use Python and Matplotlib to effectively mine and visualize data sets that are constantly changing and evolving. You'll even understand computer vision best practices -- the technology that allows things like facial recognition software and image processing systems to work. Finally, you'll get an introduction to natural language processing (NLP), the AI field that allows machines to understand and interpret human languages.

All in all, it's 24 hours of training in one of today's fastest-growing and most lucrative careers. Sold separately, these courses would cost upward of $650, but you can get them bundled together for just $34.99 today. The only thing that's going to get terminated is your unemployment.

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