Keep Your Digits On The DL With This Private Phone Line App

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Burner numbers aren't just for super spies and Breaking Bad characters. In 2019, anybody who uses Tinder, Craigslist, or attends pick up ultimate Frisbee games could use an alternate phone number to get out of unwanted future encounters. In the past, your only option was to have a duffel bag full of flip phones in the trunk of your car, but today you can just use the revolutionary and convenient app Hushed.

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Hushed is a private phone line app that allows you to use alternative phone numbers conveniently from your home screen. While the numbers are up, you can make calls, send private text messages, and set up individualized answering machine messages. Whether you're trying to offload your collection of Venom comics to internet lunatics or just pranking your roommate, Hushed will give you the tools you need to make your dreams come true. Most of them. Not the really weird ones involving Bob Ross and a fighter jet.

Hushed comes in three different serving sizes, depending on your needs. First there's the Lifetime Subscription for $25, which comes with 1,000 minutes or 6,000 SMS messages per year. Then there's the triple lifetime subscription for $65, which includes three phone numbers with 7,500 SMS and 12,050 minutes per year, per line. Finally there's the five line subscription, which is $95 and includes 1,500 mins or 9,000 SMS messages per line, per year.

More Than A Second Phone Number

And the features keep on rolling. Making a phone call through Hushed automatically uses your WiFi or data, so your normal minutes won't be affected. Ever want to customize a fake phone number to appear to be from a different state? That's an insane thing to want, but Hushed can do it for you! Or if you happen to visit a different locale, you can set up a local number for easier interactions with the community and culture you've immersed yourself in. See? You're kinda like a spy after all, and it's all thanks to Hushed.

If you're looking to create multiple numbers at once, Hushed makes it super easy to organize them by topic. Say you have one number posted publicly while you're renting a room on Craigslist, but another private number that you only use for coordinating your clandestine dog-walking company (we don't judge). In that case, you can keep both going at the same time, right up until you decide to abandon both enterprises and disappear into the night like Batman. Presumably after you've dropped off everyone's corgis, though.

If you're worried you're too busy to figure out yet another app, worry not. According to, it's "very easy to use and actually kind of fun."

The Hushed app, all three variations, are available in the Cracked Store right now for $25 (83 percent off the $150 price), $65 (85 percent off the $450 price), and $95 (87 percent off the $950 price).

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