Keep The Internet Pirates At Bay With A VPN

Your data is yours.
Keep The Internet Pirates At Bay With A VPN

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Your data is yours. At least, that's what you whisper to yourself before falling asleep each night. Of course, there is a ton of evidence to the contrary. But even assuming most of your private information, passwords, phone numbers, etc. have never been compromised, you should still take some precautions while browsing the internet. That goes doubly if you use public WiFi a lot. And that's why you need to use a VPN.


VPN Unlimited is one of the top options on the market, having been named PC Mag's Top VPN and received an Editor's Pick Award by Software Informer. This VPN gives you access to more than 400 servers in 80 global locations and allows you to surf without speed or bandwidth limits. It also encrypts your connection with AES 256-bit encryption while using a variety of VPN protocols, which you can choose between. If anything floats around in the web and makes its way into your stream that seems fishy, VPN Unlimited even has a built-in kill switch.

Oh, and best of all, they won't log any of your browsing data, so it all remains totally secret. A lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited usually costs $499.99, but you can get it for just $39 today. Plus, if you use coupon code MerrySave15, you'll save an extra 15% and get it for just $32.

Prices are subject to change.

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