Get Your Game On This Summer With These 5 Gaming Accessories

Gaming is a full-time hobby. Make it as enjoyable as possible.
Get Your Game On This Summer With These 5 Gaming Accessories

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If you take a second to look at how much time you spend gaming, you might just realize that yeah, this is a full-time hobby. And there's no shame in that. You're a full-grown adult with real responsibilities and opinions of consequence. You deserve to make your hobby as enjoyable as possible. That's why we've compiled the following gadgets, available in the Cracked Store, to improve the quality of your game time. It's what Childhood You would've wanted.

Audeze Mobius Gaming Headphones

Get Your Game On This Summer With These 5 Gaming Accessories

Whether it's the ult-callouts in Overwatch or the muffled sound of footsteps through a half-destroyed wall in Fortnite, sound is a major part of how you strategize and win. So you can't just rely on your computer or TV's crummy speakers anymore. These days you need FAZOR phase management, anatomy calibration that tailors the sound to the user, and an ultra-thin Uniforce diaphragm that fully immerses you in the fantasy gaming world of your choice.

Normally $426, you can get these Audeze Mobius in the Cracked Shop for just $399.

New BittBoy Retro Gaming System

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The BittBoy is a modern take on retro game systems, and allows you to upload NES, GB, GBC, GBA, SNES, and more game formats from micro SD cards. The tiny 2.3" IPS display screen, plus TV output, will remind you of what classic gaming was supposed to feel like, back when it was simple. Ah, that's some sweet, sweet nostalgia.

The BittBoy is available in the Cracked Shop for just $39.99.

Logitech G933 Certified Refurbished Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset


These headsets are compatible with PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and any TV with a USB plug. Pretty much every electronic device in your house, save your toaster, can be listened to with these headphones (and who knows, maybe they'll be toaster-compatible soon too). They have 12 hours of battery life and customizable lighting. You can even connect multiple devices through USB and analog, allowing you to answer phone calls while you're dropping bodies on the digital battlefield.

Normally $199.99, you can get your Logitech G933 Refurbished in the Cracked Shop for just $107.99.

Pwnage ALTIER Pro 3360 Optical Gaming Mouse


You can't game with just any mouse. Well, you could, but good luck getting a headshot, or out macro-ing the Zerg, or even managing your farm in Stardew Valley with a bad mouse. What you need is a finely tuned optical gaming mouse with professional-grade RGB and a tracking speed of over 250 inches per second. If you want to pull off the kind of gaming trickery you see in the professional circuit, or just want to make sure you don't mis-click on some bad shovel upgrade, then this is the mouse for you.

Normally $35, you can get your ALTIER Pro in the Cracked Store for just $24.99.

Anda Seat Axe Series Gaming Chair

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If gaming had an Iron Throne, then this would be it. Except instead of being made out of uncomfortable and jagged metal swords, it's made of a breathable mesh and foam padding that molds itself to your body. It will also comfortably support your wrists and elbows, reducing muscle strain and damage from repetitive movement. Plus, it's not just for gaming -- you can actually use it to watch TV, talk on the phone, or even, dare we say it, read a book.

Normally $349.99, you can get the Anda Seat Axe Series Gaming Chair in the Cracked Shop for just $269.99

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