Fore! This Simulator Is Only The Best Parts Of Golf

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Topgolf has taken the world by storm. The golf simulator (and club experience) that makes it easy for beginners to play is an Instagram sensation, and has made even the most lawn-and-pine-averse people fall in love with golf. That's because it takes out all the boring parts of the game and filters it down to the best parts: drinking a bunch and hitting little objects. The only problem is that Topgolf is crazy expensive and crazy popular, which means you might have to wait forever to actually play after you've already paid a fortune. Do yourself a favor and remove all the hassle by getting PhiGolf WGT Edition.


This mobile setup is a smart golf simulator, complete with a swing stick so you can hit the links without ever going outside (or paying for Topgolf). PhiGolf can help you improve your game by simulating world-famous golf courses and providing an interactive swing trainer. If you just like video games and want to pretend to love golf, you'll enjoy the breathtaking graphics and the pizza and beer you can consume on the couch while you wait your turn (pizza and beer not included). It really is the best of all worlds.

Start golfing without leaving the comfort of your home. PhiGolf is on sale for $249 today.

Prices are subject to change.

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