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Anyone who says that money can't buy happiness has never found the right gadget to spend that money on. For some, it's a particular musical instrument, or a piece of Spider-Man-inspired abstract art, or a fully automatic Nerf gun. Or maybe it's one of these things ...

MAG-LEV ML1 Levitating Turntable


Rarely do futuristic and retro come together as elegantly as in the MAG-LEV ML1 Levitating Turntable. And when we say levitating, we mean "levitating." Using a combination of magnets and wishes, the record platform literally floats in the air above the player's base. Also, we hope it goes without saying, but when we say "turntable," we also mean "turntable:" The ML1 plays at both 33 1/3 and 45 RPM.

Normally $3,599, you can get one in the Cracked Shop for 10% off -- just $3,239.

Holga Retro Digital Camera


Remember how we just said that retro and futuristic rarely come together elegantly? Well, it's even more rare that they come together elegantly twice in a row. This looks like an old film camera from the 1940s, but it takes two AA batteries and snaps convenient 8MP photos anywhere you go. It even comes in neat alternative colors.

Normally $89, you can grab yours in the Cracked Shop for just $69.

SANNCE Home Security IP Wireless Camera With Night Vision

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If you want a home security system to be effective, then you want at least two of these three things: motion detection, night vision, and a trap door that leads to a cave full of giant spiders. The SANNCE wireless camera has the first two, and to make up for the lack of trap doors and arachnids, it also comes with 24-hour recording and 355-degree pan.

Normally $79.99, grab yours in the Cracked Shop for just $44.99.

Audio Puzzle


This build-your-own Bluetooth speaker set will (once complete) feature massive amounts of speaker output and 10 hours of battery life on just a 90-minute charge. Plus, the kids who assemble the rugged and child-safe parts just might learn some neat STEM principles -- or at the very least, they'll have built something cooler than a DIY bookshelf.

Normally $159.95, you can grab yours in the Cracked Shop for just $30.

SuperTank 27,000 mAh Portable Charger

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When it comes to portable batteries, SuperTank is in a league of its own. We're talking a massive 27,000 mAh battery capacity and a combined max output of 138 watts. When you add in the crush-proof exterior and TSA compliance, this is an unstoppable force of nature in battery form that powers everything -- a true bad boy that obeys no rules except its own. And also the TSA's rules, we guess.

Normally $179.99, grab yours in the Cracked Shop for just $134.99.

Bionic Force PRO 50' Garden Hose And Spraying Nozzle


This is the only hose that will survive the apocalypse. Everyone else will be crying out in terror: "We need to get things wet, but we cannot, for all our hoses are twisted and full of holes!" You will stand before them as a king and summon water with your ultra durable crush-proof, slice-proof, and ice-proof 50' hose.

Normally $44.99, grab yours in the Cracked Shop for just $29.99.

Power Smokeless Indoor Electric 1,500 W Grill


No longer will your grill plans be subject to the whims of the fates and their fickle weather plans. Mock the mighty power of Zeus himself by grilling indoors whenever you want.

Normally $129.93, grab yours in the Cracked Shop for just $57.99.

Limited Edition Platinum Chong Vaporizer


This slim design features a glass window that allows you to watch the vapor build up as you vape it. And if that isn't groovy enough, it also features a battery, a mouthpiece, and a charging kit.

Normally $64.99, grab yours in the Cracked Shop for just $44.99.

1VX Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

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Cover up your chilly ears and bathe them in the warm sound of music with these Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones. With six hours of play time and eight hours of talk time, these over-ear headphones will fulfill all your personal music or phone chat needs.

Normally $99, grab yours in the Cracked Shop right now for just $24.99.

Apple MacBook Pro 13.3" With Retina Display 128 GB SSD Silver (Refurbished)

Finish Off Summer Right With These 10 Gizmos And Gadgets

Maybe it's not fair to put a MacBook Pro on a list of cool kitschy gadgets with unique personality, but hey, it's refurbished, so it's cooler (and cheaper) than most of them. Plus, you can put stickers on it to really kitsch it up.

Normally $799, you can grab yours in the Cracked Shop for just $599.

You don't need to be Edison or Tesla to love gadgets. Just don't plug them all into one outlet. That's an Obvious Explosion Hazard.

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