Design Your Next Favorite Video Game With These 3 Bundles

Design Your Next Favorite Video Game With These 3 Bundles

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If you've filled dozens of notebooks with worldbuilding lore and bodacious characters holding giant swords or laser boomerangs, then you need to check out these three game design bundles. Each one will teach you how to build your own fantasy adventure regardless of your current programming skill level. Before you know it, you'll be the lead designer on Final Fantasy CCVII or whatever number they're up to by now.

The Unity 3D And VR Game Development Bundle


Even if the limit of your programming experience is getting your calculator to say "BOOBIES" when you turn it upside-down, the Unity 3D And VR Game Development bundle is capable of teaching you how to design and build your own video game. The bundle contains two in-depth courses and 60 hours of instruction that will teach you how to code 2D, 3D, and VR games using both Unity and the Unreal engine, covering everything from the absolute basics all the way to in-depth animation and effects.

You'll also receive hands-on lessons that will take you through the construction of over 170 minigames for multiple platforms. You'll even learn how to make mobile-ready games, so you can get started on creating a microtransaction empire with your own Fortnite clone, like Fortday or even Fortafternoon.

Normally this bundle retails for $588, but if you click here right now you can get it at 93 percent off for just $39.

The Complete VR Development Bundle

Design Your Next Favorite Video Game With These 3 Bundles

If you want to create the greatest virtual playground since The Lawnmower Man, you need to check out the Complete VR Development Bundle. This bundle will teach you how to code your own VR game in Unity for all of the major platforms, and is user-friendly enough to be understood even if you've never touched a headset before.

You'll also learn how to design virtual reality experiences using 360-degree photos and video, and even how to build a VR website so you can recreate what it would be like to exist within the actual internet, like in the visionary blockbuster The Emoji Movie.

Normally this bundle would set you back $377, but Cracked readers can click here right now to take 90 percent off and get lifetime access to all five courses for just $34.

School Of Game Design -- Lifetime Membership


If you think the state of gaming is the pits right now, then you need to pull a Gandhi and be the change you want to see in the world. Instead of going on a hunger strike, though, check out the School of Game Design. This online course contains over 120 hours of instruction delivered by experts. Whether you're already familiar with development or a total design n00b, the courses are tailored to your particular skill level, teaching you everything from the absolute basics of game design to advanced professional-level techniques. Best of all, you get lifetime access to every instructional video offered, so you can learn at your own pace and revisit any lesson you need to at any time you want.

Normally, lifetime access to the School of Game Design will run you $5,990, but today you can knock an astounding 99 percent off that price and get it for just $59 by clicking this here link.

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