Get More Eyeballs On Your Content With These 3 Courses

These 3 courses will teach you how to attract visitors to your site like moths to other good-looking moths.
Get More Eyeballs On Your Content With These 3 Courses

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Let's say you want to attract visitors to your site like moths to other good-looking moths, but the terms "SEO" and "Backlink" don't hold any particular meaning for you beyond possibly being Star Wars characters you can't quite remember. Well, SEO refers to search engine optimization. Basically, it's the tricks and techniques you need to game search engines and get your site to pop up high in as many searches as possible. These three products will teach you how to use SEO to make your site the top-ranked fanfiction page in the entire Potterverse.

The Complete SEO And Backlink Master Course


The Complete SEO and Backlink Master Course will teach you everything you need to know to boost your site's ranking, even if you've never heard the term "SEO" before today. (Again, it stands for Search Engine Optimization.) In the course, you'll gain access to over 15 hours of instruction on everything from the basics of SEO to keyword research and on-page optimization.

You'll also learn about backlinking, and how to increase your site's ranking within its particular niche. You'll even receive a certification upon completing the course, so your refrigerator door (and your resume) won't look so empty. Usually the Complete SEO and Backlink Master Course sells for $97, but Cracked readers can take 89 percent off and get lifetime access for just $9.99 by clicking right here.

SERPstash Premium: Lifetime Subscription


SERPstash will help you get your website onto Google's coveted first page, regardless of how terrible your fonts look. SERPstash gives you 21 different tools you can use to boost your site's ranking, including running an audit on your page to find areas that need improvement, identifying your competitors and the keywords they use, and showing you the top queries that are bringing the most traffic to your site. Normally a lifetime subscription to SERPstash Premium would run you $500, but right now you can knock 94 percent off that price and get it for just $29.

Onpage Hero SEO: Lifetime License

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Google Analytics is to monitoring your site's traffic what a flush lever is to emptying your toilet -- yes, there are technically other ways to do it, but they're not nearly as efficient, and you'll have to get your hands really, really dirty. But don't worry, Onpage Hero SEO will take care of this for you (monitoring you traffic, not emptying your toilet).

Onpage Hero tracks up to 20 important metrics for your site that you can access via your Google Analytics account. You can get live SEO-based data after each visit, and even track people who look at your site in incognito mode (which, believe it or not, is for more than just porn.) Normally, lifetime access to Onpage Hero SEO would set you back $249.99, but right now you can smack 89 percent right off that price and start boosting your site for just $24.99.

For more ways to master the internet, check out The Complete Affiliate Marketer Bundle and The eBook Self-Publishing Bundle.

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