Combat Low Battery Anxiety W/These 5 Wireless Charging Pads


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Remember that wireless charging pad that Apple was working on and then suddenly canceled? Not very Apple-like to make a big deal over a product and then just not release it. We'll likely never know why they were all like "lol nvm." But what we do know is that wireless charging is officially en vogue. Virtually all new Android phones and iPhones from 7 on are fully compatible with this tech. Check out these charging pads to help you get your flexibility fix.

This One's Got The Power Of Mount Olympus


With a name like AirZeus, it had better! And just like Zeus, it charges things super fast. Unlike Zeus, it doesn't fornicate with everything it sees. Get it for 59% off the $99 list price at just $39.99 today.

In this instance, the birds are battery-depleted devices, and the stones are USB ports. It's a metaphor! The PowerTime has a wireless charging dock for your Apple Watch, plus three USB ports to charge three other devices at the same time. It's 28% off now at $34.99.

The Batman Of Wireless Chargers


NightStand is probably closer to the Nightwing of wireless chargers, but we want to be as accessible as possible, and Nightwing isn't exactly pulling in movie audiences. Either way, this Apple Watch charger is a great buy at just $14.95.

Prices are subject to change.

If you still prefer good old-fashioned wires, check out the Charby Sense Charging Cable and this Android Charging Cable Super Pack.

And then go one better and Get Your Cables In Order With These 5 Accessories.

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