Chubbies, Nad Shots and Pulling Hitler's Finger: The Daily Nooner!

Chubbies, Nad Shots and Pulling Hitler's Finger: The Daily Nooner!
Awesome Video Of The Day The Anti-Gym I'm not sure why a gym with a commercial like this would call itself the "Anti-Gym." I always thought gyms were SUPPOSED to convince people that nobody will love them if they're fat. What makes this one so special? I mean, I understand that it probably isn't standard practice for a personal trainer to burst into your home, break your refrigerator and smear a plateful of chocolate cake all over your favorite purple shirt, but does that really make this an "Anti-Gym"? Sounds like a "Regular Gym" that's staffed by sociopaths. According to its website,
The Anti-Gym is "Denver’s only health and vanity lifestyle boutique," which is slightly more impressive than being the #1 sushi bar in Fargo, North Dakota. They consider themselves "a revolutionary alternative to ineffective and obsolete health clubs, personal trainers, and crash diets." Finally there's a gym that will verbally abuse me until I'm so full of self-loathing that I need to either get on the treadmill or blow my brains out! Someone came up with a system that ACTUALLY WORKS! Say what you will about this commercial, but you have to admit it: When it comes to using a foghorn for comedic effect, this pretty much sets the gold standard.

With the advent of cheap, easy-to-use web publishing software, anyone with an internet connection and something to say can reach millions of people with the click of a mouse. That's great in theory, but the unfortuante truth of the matter is that the whole something-to-say part is often little more than a fleeting afterthought. The result? Millions of ill-conceived, pointless blogs clogging up my internets. There's no way I could ever hope to give them all the attention they (don't) deserve, but that's not my goal here. Instead, I'd like to simply shine a spotlight on a few particularly stupid ones that I've stumbled across. Feel free to add your own finds in the comments below.
Pointless Blog Roundup Pointless Blog #5: is a blog dedicated to - you guessed it - people getting hit in the nads. More specifically, it's dedicated to pictures FROM COMIC BOOKS of people getting hit in the nads. If that isn't specialization, I don't know what is. Come to think of it, though, this might not be such a bad idea. Out of the millions of people out there on the internet, there have to be at least a handful that skim through comic books looking specifically for nad shots, right? For those few dozen people, this website would be an indispensable resource. For the rest of us, though, having a meticulously-categorized archive of nad shots probably doesn't serve much purpose. I guess there's an entertainment factor to be considered here, but after looking at a few of these I start to feel kind of desensitized to it. Nad shots usually derive their comedic value from surprise (COMEDY FACT), and there's not a whole lot of surprises when you're scrolling through a website called Except maybe
this one. I DEFINITELY didn't see that coming. Wild Card Scent of a Führer Did you know that Hitler suffered from uncontrollable flatulence? There's not really anything I can say that would be funnier than that sentence, so I guess I'll just leave it at that.
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