Checked Or Carry-On Bag? This Suitcase Can Be Either

Make travel a little more convenient.
Checked Or Carry-On Bag? This Suitcase Can Be Either

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For some people, flying can feel like a big scary goon demanding you tell him "the password" while he removes your fingernails. But you don't know the password, because there is no password for simple, hassle-free airline travel. Well, there is -- it's "getyourownprivatejet1" -- but it seems unlikely that you'll be able to use that one. You can, however, make travel a little more convenient and a little less anxious by investing in high-quality, flexible luggage.

Take, for instance, the Rollux 2-in-1 Expandable Suitcase, which can work both as a checked bag or a carry-on. "But doesn't that technically apply to any bag?" you ask, smartly and handsomely. Yes, but this one can actually physically expand to more than double its size.

It's perfect if you know you're going to pick up a bunch of souvenirs, or if you're bringing all of your laundry to your mom's house in Delaware, and you don't intend to bring it all back. If you're the type who travels with suits and hates spending the entire first day in the hotel ironing out the wrinkles, you can pack it up nicely while the bag is expanded. Then you can save on baggage fees on the way back by collapsing it.

Beyond the practical, award-winning design, the Rollux also features a unique luxury finish that makes you look classy, but not so classy that it looks like you're trying host the Met Gala on an airplane. Pick up a Rollux 2-in-1 Expandable Suitcase for 15% off $349 at $295 today. It's available in blue, turquoise, and orange.

Prices are subject to change.

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