Bring The Theater To You With These 5 Projectors


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The home movie theater is the ultimate calling card for the rich and the famous. Or at least, that's what Cribs made it seem like. But we poor millennials and millennial-adjacents are paying like six TVs' worth of rent every month. How are we supposed to have home theaters? Oh that's right, WE'RE RESOURCEFUL TOO. You can have that home theater for way less than the cost of rent when you get a mini projector! Now that's efficient! Look at these.

PIQO Powerful 1080p Mini Projector


MSRP: $799. Sale Price: $279.99 (64% off).

This tiny beauty projects a 1080p HD image up to 240", which is probably bigger than Xzibit's TV in 2007. It also connects to devices via Bluetooth or WiFi, so if you want to be a professional, it can be a really useful presentation tool.

UO Smart Beam Laser HD Projector With Accessory Set


MSRP: $474.99. Sale Price: $359 (24% off).

This iPhone-sized projector is easy on the eyes. No seriously, the laser image produces minimal eyestrain. The projector can also start and stop without requiring any warm-up or cooldown, making it easier on your time, too.

Prima 1080p HD Pocket Projector

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MSRP: $799. Sale Price: $299.99 (62% off).

The Prima fits in your pocket and projects up to 200", making it feel like you're actually in Die Hard or Red Dead Redemption 2, rather than in your apartment staring at a screen at 2:30 in the morning. It also has an Android processor, so you can access the Google Play Store and use the device to download apps, stream live sports, play games, and more.

CINEMOOD Portable Movie Projector


MSRP: $399. Sale Price: $349 (12% off).

CINEMOOD is like a computer/projector hybrid. It's got onboard controls to let you browse the internet and project whatever you're trying to read, watch, play, or stream. And it's as portable as a laptop, so you can take movie night literally anywhere. (Oh, it also comes with a bunch of pre-loaded Disney content, making it great for the kids.)

Laser Beam Pro C200 Focus Free HD Portable Projector


MSRP: $489.90. Sale Price: $399 (18% off).

We've already established that laser projection is a bit easier on the eyes, but it's also better at getting into focus. This HD portable projector gets the picture right without needing to be picked up and futzed with. That means you can focus on snuggling. Or if you're alone, crying.

Prices are subject to change.

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