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Did you know that companies will pay you a lot of money to perform computer hacking for them? And no, not in a high-stakes, espionage-y, forgettable side plot in Mission: Impossible 5 kind of way, but in a "Please make sure that our own system isn't full of vulnerabilities so that we can keep out the bad hackers" way. It's called "ethical hacking," and it's one of the most promising fields in the IT industry today.

If that sounds appealing, and you want to use your computer skills for more than just haphazard Facebookin', consider picking up the Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle in the Cracked Store. Usually these eight courses would cost about $1,273, but we're offering them for just $19 -- that's 98 percent off if you enroll today.

What do you get for $19?

Ethical Hacker Bootcamp For 2017

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Before you start buying sweet trenchcoats and plugging yourself into the Matrix, you need to learn more about what an ethical hacker does. They call themselves "white hats," because they use their skills for good rather than to steal the password to your League Of Legends account. Companies hire ethical hackers to look for potential flaws in their security systems, and then patch up those flaws. This boot camp course offers almost 20 hours' of content that will teach you to think like a hacker and explore social engineering basics.

A To Z Ethical Hacking Course

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This next course will give you hands-on practice in stopping a variety of common hacking techniques. You'll cover SQL injections, phishing, cross-site scripting, and email hacking, and you'll use tools like Metasploit, Keylogger, and Wire Shark. By this course's end, you'll know how ethical hackers make money, and you'll be able to start testing your skills out. Consider it your proverbial white hat hacking dojo. Sadly, the only thing this course doesn't teach is a sweet movie hacker catchphrase like "THEIR FIREWALL IS UP!" or "THEY'RE TRACKING THE SYSTEMS!"

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Learn Burp Suite For Advanced Web Penetration Testing

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"Burp Suite" sounds like something a slime creature would throw at you in an RPG dungeon, but it's actually a Java-based platform that offers tools for security testing. This course focuses specifically on Burp Suite, and allows you to practice security testing on a deliberately vulnerable web app. This is the kind of practical experience you'll need to get an ethical hacker job, and this 18-lecture course condenses everything into bite-sized bits that you won't burp up later.

Complete Ethical Hacking / Penetration Testing Course

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Once you've got the basics covered, you'll dive into full-on penetration testing with this detailed course. Much like overcoming grief or eating a hot dog, there are five stages to penetration testing: We have gathering, enumeration, vulnerability scanning, exploitation, and post-exploitation, and they'll all be covered in this close. Once you have this process down, you can start doing penetration testing on your own and be one step closer to getting that sweet white hat salary.

Intro To Ethical Hacking

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Now, before you get ahead of yourself, you'll need to understand the difference between an ethical hacker and a not-so-ethical one. If you're thinking about using these skills for less-than-noble deeds, this course will remind you why that's wrong -- and more importantly, how you'll get caught. Review the basics of this expanding career path with this foundational course, and remember, there's nothing in these lessons that can help you become a criminal mastermind, so don't even try it.

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Real World Hacking And Penetration Testing

Through the 51 lectures in this course, you'll gain a complete understanding of what penetration testers do and how they do it. From firewalls to AV evasion to the Darknet, you'll see all the different angles from which a hacker can come at you. If the courses prior were part of a white hat hacking dojo, this course is when the ninjas burst from the shadows and try to attack you all at once.

Learn Kali Linux And Hack Android Mobile Devices

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Most ethical hackers focus on securing Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. However, that leaves a large hole in the Android field, despite it being, uh, the largest mobile OS on the planet! If you can learn how to secure Android smartphones, it's likely people will pay you (in real dollars) to do it.

Learn Hacking / Penetration Testing Using Android From Scratch

The final course in the bundle is a hands-on approach to penetration testing, so you can use real-life scenarios to simulate security vulnerabilities. You'll learn how to gather information about WiFi networks so you can use an Android device to gain access to any account in your network. Be warned: We advise not trying this at any government offices, lest they arrest you, or at your parents' home, lest you discover their unimaginable secrets.

Get going on your new career with the Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle, $19 for this week only.

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And pick up some epic computer skills with Your Boss Thinks You're Dumb, So Prove Him Wrong With Excel.

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