Attack Your Mac With This Convenient Software Bundle

You can use your Mac for so much more.
Attack Your Mac With This Convenient Software Bundle

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Your MacBook is probably the most underutilized piece of technology you own, unless you buried a time machine in the front yard or something. Despite the average Mac's incredible computing power, most of us only use it to browse Facebook or Skype on the toilet. But it turns out you can use your Mac for so much more.

Taping into those latent abilities is what makes The Epic Mac Bundle Featuring Fantastical 2 and PDF Expert such a good deal, especially when it's available for just $29.99 (93 percent off) in the Cracked Store. It opens up your computer to its full potential (like Scarlett Johannson's brain in that one movie where she uses 100 percent of her brain) with a huge collection of apps that can cover anything you might need. For example ...


Fantastical 2

This sleek, beautiful organization tool integrates seamlessly with the Mac UI you're already familiar with. However, now your UI is helping you manage your contacts, events, reminders, and anything else you think might be important. It even has a natural language engine that determines the time and location of anything you might be writing about, and even suggests people to invite. It's like having your own personal Wormtongue, with the added guarantee that it will never throw you to your death off the top of a tower (which is something we know you were worried about).

PDF Expert

Macs don't come with a native PDF editor, and that's where PDF Expert comes in. You can edit text, images, links, and anything else as quickly and as easily as using a Word document. (Which beats the alternative of praying you remember enough to do it in Photoshop, only to then wait for your Adobe updates to install.)

Flux 7

This magnificent little morsel is a website builder for all you builders of websites out there. It features comprehensive and reliable HTML and CSS designing tools, and it comes with an amazing WYSIWYG engine ("What you see is what you get") that can have you slamming out expert websites in no time.

Pagico 8

Here's a program for captivating interactive flowcharts that can help you turn all your tasks, notes, and projects into something so pretty that people will want to cheat off of it. It might even give you a shot at the front page of r/dataisbeautiful, and can you really put a price on that?

Command-Tab Plus

If you've got a complicated workflow, this app helps ease the transition between apps. Command + Tab will seem as simple and pedestrian as slurping soda through a straw while watching a movie.

iStat Menus 6

Why hassle with Mac's Activity Monitor and Dashboard when you can helpfully consolidate your computer's vital signs to one place with the iStat Menus 6? It is a real-time CPU, GPU, RAM, and more, all in one easy-to-access spot.

iLocker Pro

iLocker Pro provides password security without the hassle of complex, counter-intuitive password security programs. That way you can go about your business and feel safe about it too.

Ultdata Recovery

This is the best data recovery system Mac users can have, bar none. That's the kind of security that buys a good night's sleep, and is a heck of a lot cheaper than going out to buy a new mattress.

All together, these apps will usually set you back $478.71. But right now in the Cracked Store, you can buy this Epic Mac Bundle for just $29.99 -- that's 93 percent off.

Treat the outside of your Mac right too, with this 6-In-1 USB-C Hub For MacBook Pro. Don't have a MacBook? Now you do.

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