Aging Beatle Ravaged by Gull-Faced Harpy!

Aging Beatle Ravaged by Gull-Faced Harpy!
The Mills/McCartney divorce ruling is in, and while I don't have access to some of the more guarded court transcripts, I believe the official verdict is that Mills is an insufferable bitch. At least that's what I glean from this article, whose bias is made clear if only by the photo they chose to use of Mills looking like a gull shrieking for a bite of your hot dog. She was able to wrangle more than 20 million pounds, which in American money is about nineteen billion dollars, which is so much money that I imagine her prosthetic leg will soon be replaced by a staff of crystal, jet-leg, or simply be fashioned out of thousand dollar bills. And how did she manage that? First, by pissing off the judge, who called her “less than candid,” “unreasonable and exorbitant” and “a bitch on wheels.” She also claimed to give 80 to 90 percent of her income to charity each year—and thus be stone cold broke—when in fact “her tax returns disclose no charitable giving at all.” Hey, she’s just like me! Except for her being a huge bitch, of course. Mills then attempted to silence court documents that would reveal her as, you know, a bitch, called the 70,000 dollar a year childcare payment she’ll be receiving “inadequate,” and
threw water on Paul McCartney’s lawyer. Headlines like “Money Can’t Buy Her Love” were inevitable, although I imagine there are a few other Beatles covers Paul is humming to himself these days:
  • Devil in Her Heart
  • You Never Give me Your Money
  • Baby You’re a Rich Man
  • Money (That’s What I Want)
  • Gold Digger (feat. Kanye West)
  • Happiness is a Warm Gun

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