The Ultimate Fighter is a reality show about professional fighters struggling to get into the UFC. In 2005, it introduced us to Josh Koscheck, total dick. Young Josh spent the show playing mean-spirited pranks and mocking other fighters until they hated him. He's such an insecure douche that the DVD release dangerously interfered with the natural bacterial culture of the vaginas in Best Buy. Despite that, Josh found success after the show and has returned as a coach this season. So what did his five years of world class competition teach him about maturity and respect? It taught him that you're a nerd fag for asking. And also, is baby going to

Koscheck is belligerent like his name is Anonymous. He bullies fighters, coaches, medics, camera men... they try ignoring him or asking him to behave, but he only acts like that's some kind of victory. I knew I had to do something, so I began work on a series of Josh Koscheck insults. For example, Josh Koscheck has so little character that he'd punch his girlfriend for asking how she got chlamydia. Unfortunately, I was contracted to write a book at the time, and the publisher technically owned everything I was working on. Several poor decisions later, they released it as the following children's book:

SEANBABY PUBLISHING Heroes 144-7FA AChildren 1,01 OS-BACKS! JOSH KOS- Comebaeks! Putdowns! Insul#s! Featuring the dick from UTNATE IHER TOTAULY Specif

WARNING! You reason with bullies. especially Josh Koscheck Josh Koscheck is what Cobra scientists would have made if they wanted to send the perfect b

Chapter One Hey, Bully, What's Wrong With You? Josh Koscheck is the kind of guy who puts ULTA gum in your hair and declares himself the winner of the

#112 Josh Koscheck, when the rest Of us were learning right from wrong, was your wrestling coach teaching you how to fist a wrestling coach? GOTCHA, F

Chapter Two Get Personal! Josh Koscheck isn't smart man. He thinks observation comedy is watching a fat person buy toilet paper. So he often ridicules

Chapter Three No One Expects the Unexpected Alpha males are predictable. And after a lifetime of being a dick. Josh has come to expect certain reactio

Chapter Four Roadside Rest Area This is a place fo relax and gef gay with it! Nof everything has to be all complicated. Sometimes the best way to deal

Chapter Five The (nevitable mad and your Still. there's no reasoo to Okay. so Josh Koscheck is he's kicking ass. with Koscheck wins most of his fights

#997 Scientists use Josh Koscheck's hair to study the life cycle of peanderthal pubic lice. outrageous! #998 Josh Koscheck loves to hug for hours and


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