9 Gift Ideas That Guarantee You'll Win Secret Santa

Secret Santas can be a psychological nightmare.
9 Gift Ideas That Guarantee You'll Win Secret Santa

This piece was written by the people who run the Cracked Store to tell you about products that are being sold there.

Secret Santas can be a psychological nightmare. What if they don't want the gift? What if they don't want a gift from you? Can you be put in jail for a bad Secret Santa gift? There's no law that says you can't.

So before you stuff a card full of cash and resign yourself to being "the boring one," check out some of these inexpensive gems from the Cracked Shop. They're suitable for anyone in the office and are mostly under $30. You can then save an additional 15 percent at checkout with the code GIFTSHOP15.

This Tiny FPV Drone

9 Gift Ideas That Guarantee You'll Win Secret Santa

Drones are cool and all, but it's hard to call something "futuristic" when it's the size of a pterodactyl. Enter the SKEYE Nano 2 FPV Drone, the world's smallest camera drone. This chopper lets you get a first-person view of anywhere within a 50-meter radius, and can fly for up to five minutes straight. You can also take it out at night, thanks to the onboard LED, and best of all, it won't alert the whole neighborhood when it's buzzing around. Pick one up for $64.

This Mount Lets You Netflix And Chill In The Shower/Bath

9 Gift Ideas That Guarantee You'll Win Secret Santa

Innate to every person are but a few fundamental traits: joy, love, fear, and a desire to watch Narcos while in the tub. Finally we can realize our human potential with the Droplet Shower Phone Holder, which gives your (hopefully water-resistant) devices a perfectly sized bathroom stand. A two-pack of these semi-permanent mounts is just $19.99.

This Innovative Smart Umbrella

9 Gift Ideas That Guarantee You'll Win Secret Santa

There's nothing worse than getting caught in a downpour with a flimsy umbrella. Not only are you getting wet, but you're also flailing around in the wind with a plastic poker. Spare your fellow citizens an umbrella point to the eye with a SwissTek Double Layer Smart Umbrella. It opens in the opposite direction, which makes it quicker to deploy in high winds and helps to contain drippage when you make it back inside. You can get two of these clever umbrellas from the Cracked shop for $33.

These Invisible Earplugs

9 Gift Ideas That Guarantee You'll Win Secret Santa

You never imagine that you might lose your hearing when you're a teenager. But cranking the bass up every day is about as good for your ears as cramming your head full of bees. Anyone who wants to keep their sense of hearing past the age of 25 should invest in some solid aural protection, like these from EarDial. With the companion smartphone app, they dynamically attenuate extra-loud sounds, while also making it easy to hear your friends next to you. Grab a pair of these Smart Earplugs here for 33 percent off, just $21.99.

These Mesmerizing Micromagnets

9 Gift Ideas That Guarantee You'll Win Secret Santa

Magnets -- they're the closest things we have to magic. But how do you harness these magnificent orbs of power beyond sticking things to your fridge? Through sculpture, of course! These 432 rare earth balls from Zen Magnets are perfect for recreating some elegant geometric forms, or simply for fiddling around with during your off-hours. Just be sure not to swallow them. Because they taste disgusting. Get this Ensign box of Micromagnets for $19.99.

This Sticky Phone Grip

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Thanks to the wonders of technology, every smartphone is shaped like a slippery slab. And thanks to our big dumb hands, those slabs are bound to come rocketing out of our palms the second we step on anything harder than wet clay. But you can get a grip on your device with a Momo Stick Grip. It adds a convenient finger loop to the back of your phone (that also doubles as a stand) for just $8.

These Justice League Bluetooth Trackers

9 Gift Ideas That Guarantee You'll Win Secret Santa

When you lose your phone, you can always call it. But if you lose your keys, you're pretty much stuck scouring your home with the fervor of Liam Neeson in Taken. But you'll never scream death threats at your couch cushions again if you purchase one of these Foundmi Bluetooth Trackers. These keychains are styled after adorably blocky members of the Justice League to give your carryables some geeky charm. A three-pack of superhero homing devices is $49.99 when you order it from us.

These Eye Mask Headphones To Help You Sleep

9 Gift Ideas That Guarantee You'll Win Secret Santa

Regular eye masks might block out light, but they do nothing for the shrieking world around you. These eye mask headphones, on the other hand, comfortably block out ambient light with velvety softness, and feature built-in over-ear speakers so you can doze off to your favorite podcast. And most importantly, they work wonders when it comes to avoiding painful small talk with the stranger next to you on the flight. They normally go for $50, but we got 'em here for just $19.99.

These Game Of Thrones-Inspired Drinking Horns

9 Gift Ideas That Guarantee You'll Win Secret Santa

Few things are more satisfying than downing a flagon of mead after slaying the horrific beast Grendel. Make a toast to victory with an AleHorn Drinking Horn. Its unique shape makes you look rugged no matter the scenario (even with your goofy BBQ apron), and it comes with a stand for warriors looking to drink responsibly. It costs $29.99 in our store.

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