2 Shirts for 'Star Wars' and 'Transformers' Fans


Don't let anybody pigeonhole you. You're a pop culture fan, an art fan, a person whose forearms look real, real good when you let them breathe. Dress for all those aspects of your personality/biceps today, with these new shirts you'll almost want to hang on a wall.

2 Shirts for 'Star Wars' and 'Transformers' Fans

This time, that's no moon. Although with so much trippy, swoopy stuff going on in Van Gogh's original painting, his work's "moon" could easily be a nub of cheese and we'd never know. This design from Buko melds the Empire's classical badness with the tortured genius of an artist who battled his own dark side his whole life. Get it in black, and boom! You're an orange pair of pants/booty shorts away from the perfect Halloween hangout ensemble.

2 Shirts for 'Star Wars' and 'Transformers' Fans

Remember that part in Trans4mers: Most of This Movie Is Chinese Commercials where the Transformers go find the Dinobots, but then Optimus Prime has to fight them by himself while everybody else sits around? That shitty movie's shitty scene truly captures how difficult the job of Autobot-in-Chief can be. We decided to celebrate OP in a better way: a T-shirt by designer Philippbo that refuses to shrug in the face of Decepticon trickery and Cybertron's weight. Get it in black, slate, or navy, and remember that no matter how hard life gets, a talking truck has it way harder.

Help Us Design Shirts and Win $500

Don't like what you see here? Think you could do better? Well, now's your chance. Each month we have a new T-shirt contest and the designer or designers who win 500 bones. In this month's contest, we're asking you to drop famous children's characters in R-rated movies. Whether that means the survivors in Snowpiercer have been riding around in Thomas the Tank this whole time or Dora once explored that diamond mine from Congo and fought off those weird hybrid gorillas, we want to see it on a shirt. We absolutely will not use your design without paying you.

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

We're no Medicis (ART REFERENCE), but we do like to support artists when we can. And these five shirts are our favorites from this whole week of new wearable art. Get one for yourself! You don't have to be a ... OK, going with Medici again, but that's only because nobody else jumped to mind and I'm almost out of battery. Point is, great shirts.



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