2 New Shirts (and a Sale) for 'Ghostbusters' Fans

The perfect Ghostbusters movie already happened. The perfect Ghostbusters TV show already happened. Even the perfect Ghostbusters drinking glasses are a thing, and they might not even be poisonous, like the Star Wars ones. Point is, we only know one art form that hasn't been busted to its ghostly limits, and that art form is T-shirts, and oops too late we just made the best Ghostbusters shirts ever.

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Is the Ghostbusters series the absolute greatest thing about the '80s? It was a time when Grandpa Huxtable voiced a ThunderCat and Freddy Krueger made a rap video, but in terms of high-budget comedy and theme music sung into a neon teal TRON microphone, nothing tops not being afraid of no ghost. This design from frequent Redbubble favorite Baznet zeroes in on Sigourney Weaver's Flashdance-worthy everything and gives it the most 1980s look possible (without going full Olan Mills double exposure). It's retro, classic, and the challenge that pushed Bill Murray to prove he could be a dad in a sequel, all on one shirt.

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We gave you all the higher education we can, and even made you an alumni shirt. Still, we know you learned how not to cross the streams and how to always eat a Twinkie from Columbia University's most underfunded department. So represent your real education with pride. Nobody can terminate the funding on school spirit, least of all when it's on this handsomely realistic design from Cracked regular sawtooth1978.


Our Ghostbusters Week Sale

Ghostbusters is back in theaters this August, 30 years after its original run. That speaks to America's love of all things paranormal, so in addition to our new ectoplasm-centric tees, we're running this sale:

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That's right: promo code "GHOSTBUSTERS" gets you 13 percent off everything from our Friday the 13th-Mario mashup to our belief that the truth is out there, hovering radically.

Our Weekly Dose of Envy

No matter how much of a dream team you assemble, your Big Three of Venkman/Stantz/Spengler isn't complete without its Zeddemore/Tully/Melnitz. For you to dress the best you possibly can, our shirts need the rest of the Internet's best tees alongside them. So here are our five favorite new designs from this week in fashionability, ghost jokes, and Donkey Kong punching a guy in the face.


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Available at Shirtoid

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Available at Society6

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Available at Glennz Tees


Available at Threadless

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