10 Ways To Make This Summer One To Remember

10 Ways To Make This Summer One To Remember

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It's that time of year again! It's "Argue About Whether The Beach Chairs Are Gonna Fit In The Trunk" season, aka Summer. And that means there's a whole bunch of cool stuff that you could be enjoying while the weather's warm and delightful. These ten gadgets are worthy contenders to be your summer crush.

goTenna Mesh Secure Portable Network

10 Ways To Make This Summer One To Remember

It's 2018, and we're probably only a couple years away from having cellphones implanted in our forearms. But until that time, while your cellphone still doesn't technically count as an appendage, you can use goTenna Mesh to connect to your phone and create its own signal. This allows you to send messages and access GPS maps on your own private network. It's the kind of technology that Batman would invent, and you can get it today for $155. (That's 13 percent off the retail price of $179.)

Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill


Do you love to grill, but hate going outside because the outside is gross and sweaty? Then the Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill is for you! It's big enough to grill a complete meal of chicken, steak, and hamburgers without setting off your smoke alarm. Plus it has a removable dish tray that is dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze. You can host an indoor summer BBQ for $39, 51 percent off the full price.

Sit In The Pit Pool Float

10 Ways To Make This Summer One To Remember

The Sit In The Pit Pool Float combines our two favorite summer pastimes: floating in a pool and not having to go too far to get drinks. This float has two cup holders, plus a removable beach ball that conceals a circular recess perfect for filling with ice to create a makeshift cooler. Right now it's on sale for 20 percent off, just $39.99.

Fast Wireless Car Charger

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There's no greater burden than having to carry your phone charger with you like an albatross everywhere you go. (Even lugging around an actual albatross at least makes you seem interesting.) Luckily, the Fast Wireless Car Charger ensures that you don't have to lug around anything. It's compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Note phones, plus it doubles as a phone mount. And you can nab it for just $25.99, 35 percent off the retail price.

Nope Portable Sound Microphone Blockers Two-Pack

10 Ways To Make This Summer One To Remember

Did you know that ne'er-do-wells can hack into the microphone on your computer or smartphone? Nope Portable Sound Microphone Blockers plug into the microphone jack on your device and prevent your microphone from picking up anything, making sure nobody gets to hear the embarrassing things you shout at YouTube at 2 in the morning. Get two blockers and a keychain for $16.99, 22 percent off the full price.

Mini Materials Miniature Cinder Blocks


A crucial part of any creative process is to clutter your workspace with fun distractions that keep you from ever actually getting anything done. Mini Materials Miniature Cinder Blocks are exactly what they sound like -- miniature cinder blocks, made from real cement, which you can use to build any crazy structure you can think of right there on your desk. Get 24 bricks for just $22.49, 19 percent off the full price.

Wood Trick DIY Mechanical 3D Puzzles


While we're talking about fun contraptions for your desk, you should check out Wood Trick's DIY Mechanical 3D Puzzles. They're wooden 3D puzzles that become functional machines once you complete them, such as a Ferris wheel or a carousel or other carnival constructions, probably. It's easily one of the most interesting ways to productively procrastinate in your cubicle, and it will cost you just $32.90 per puzzle.

Bullet X Waterproof Bluetooth Earbud And Charging Dock

10 Ways To Make This Summer One To Remember

If you like to listen to music in the rain, or if you just have terrifyingly sweaty ears, then you can't go wrong with the Bullet X Waterproof Earbuds. They're wireless, they can connect to two devices simultaneously, they come with a sleek charging dock, and they are more water resistance than a Grass-type Pokemon in a scuba suit. And they're currently on sale for $105, or 57 percent off the retail price.

Pure Cycles Coaster Bike


Picking up a new bike is always a chore. Who has the trunk space for that? Instead, get a new bike shipped right to your door, fully assembled and ready to ride. The Pure Cycles Coaster Bike comes in three sizes and seven colors, and is an easy, affordable option for anyone that's looking for a way to ride around town while saving a few gazillion bucks at the pump. A full bike is only $199, 20 percent off for a limited time.

KeySmart Pro With Tile Smart Location

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Have you ever wasted minutes, hours, or even full holiday parties fumbling around your apartment looking for your keys? Well, KeySmart Pro takes care of all that by storing all your keys in a single convenient tube, which can be located on a map or even ringed via the Tile Smart Location app. Get your life together for $39.99, that's 33 percent off.

Say goodbye to Weaver Hall for two glorious months. This is YOUR time. So Party on, Bane.

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