Top Picks for 10.30.09: Spooktacular Blood and Douchebags!

Some of the best stuff from around the web and the Mirth Canal.


The Bloodiest Adult Swim Moments of 2009: [Adult Swim]

Return of the Living Douchebags: [Huffington Post]

Halloween Sluts to the rescue!: [Whip It Out]

Home Alone meets Saw: [College Humor]

10 Celebrities Who Need Mustaches: [Ask Men]

The best Ghostbusters dance ever: [YouTube]
Check it out in the Mirth Canal.

What Bucholz will be handing out instead of candy: [I Am Bored]

Pumpkins Gone Wild: [Gunaxin]

Who knew living next to the Morning Star would be so awful: [Mania]

Britney Spears's new video is spooktacularly sexy: [Huffington Post]

Love knows no bounds, even a 95-year age difference:[Fark]

Strange sports dives: [Uncoached]

Halloween costumes guaranteed to cost you your v-card (guarantee not validated by[The Frisky]

This kid is one step away from being the new Puppet Master: [YouTUbe]
Thanks to xStephan in the Mirth Canal.

The best Halloween Costumes of 2009: [lemondrop]

10 Triumphs of Italian Horror: [Liquid Generation]

Bow to your new overlord: [College Humor]

Sasha Grey is the sexiest Wonder Woman on the planet: [Asylum]

If you thought people dressing as a deceased Steve Irwin was offensive, prepare yourself to be disgusted in humanity: [coed]

See what the celebrities are dressing up as: [The Chive]

Tera Lynn can light our pumpkins' candles this Halloween (we're talking about our boners here): [Gorilla Mask]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Elvis really loved his friggin' sandwiches.
Submitted by Truthiness in the Mirth Canal.

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Courage Wolf teaches you how to be a goddamn man: [The Chive]

Tom Hanks is a drunk asshole: [Lemondrop]

The Most Ridiculous Rap Lyrics of All Time: [Huffington Post]

Nope, the government never wastes taxpayer money: [Cracked]

Sausage Factory: [Adult Swim]

11 Mediocre TV Shows With Awesome Theme Songs: [11Points]

Turns out cats aren't plotting world domination while their owners are away: [College Humor]

8 Robberies With Spectacular Getaways: [Big Stupid Idiot]

10 Military Catastrophes: [Ask Men]

The world's largest (and creepiest) mall: [Utopia]
Thanks to RocketRobinhood in the Mirth Canal.

James Franco can't say "Gucci": [Huffington Post]

The Middle of McNowhere: [Gunaxin]

We can't be sure, but didn't the Mayans predict this as one of the signs of the coming apocalypse?:[Fark]

10 Overlooked Horror Movies: [Mania]

Yeah! Take that you smarmy Jesus-freaks: [I Am Bored]

10 Funny Clips from Super Dave: [Uncoached]

The Mobile Dominatrix:[The Frisky]

"Being a giraffe is so totally aw- OHGODPLANE!": [College Humor]

Looks like Australia's future is more than just bowie knives and Fosters: [YouTube]
Thanks to norumaru in the Mirth Canal.

Get 'em while they're hot, boys. Women of the future will be a little shorter and a little rounder: [lemondrop]

10 Foreign Horror Classics: [Liquid Generation]

Would You Accept One-Million Dollars if it Meant Someone Would Die?: [Asylum]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Is James Brown dead or alive?.
Submitted by SammyBasketball in the Mirth Canal.

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The 9 Stupidest Surprise Endings Imaginable: [Huffington Post]

Badass ways to carve pumpkins: [Asylum]

Rainn Wilson's guide to Halloween pranks: [Huffington Post]

The Best Brock Beatdowns: [Adult Swim]

College Humor's MySpace friends are disturbing... to put it politely: [College Humor]

The 7 Rules Every Sports Movie Lives By by. Cracked writer Jeff Kelly: [Gunaxin]

We didn't think any gang could top the Warriors, until now: [Gang Comics]
Thanks to Zach in the Mirth Canal.

10 Ass-Kicking Kung Fu Battles: [Mania]

The world's most dangerous job: Russian garbage collector: [I Am Bored]

The best of "People of Wal-Mart": [Uncoached]

21 Costumes That Will Not Get You Laid (unfortunately for Brockway, his drunk hobo costume is on here):[The Frisky]

The 20 Drunkest Animals on YouTube: [Geekpad Show]

What's the Most Embarrassing Movie You Ever Watched With a Parent: [lemondrop]

10 Cruel Things Women Do to Men: [Ask Men]


Amy Walker displays her 21 accents: [YouTube]
Thanks to Basket Full of Kittens in the Mirth Canal.

45 Douchebags and Douchebaguettes: [The Chive]

The dark secret of an adult hall monitor:[Fark]

Robots Can't Act: Goodfellas: [Liquid Generation]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Apparently schoolyard shenanigans have a home on Wikipedia also.
Submitted by College Binary in the Mirth Canal.

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The best of Internet bacon: [Uncoached]

13 Most Disturbing Episodes from Kid Friendly Shows: [TV Munchies]

The Craziest Online Dating Sites: [lemondrop]

A Pixar Parody: [College Humor]

Top 100: NES Games: [Ask Men]

There's a Rep for that: [Huffington Post]

Best Venture Bros one shot characters: [Adult Swim]

What stormtroopers do on their day off: [Wildammo]
Thanks to Igotantsinmypants in the Mirth Canal.

This SnackBot puts Brockway's to shame (it was only a roller skate): [Asylum]

Transformers vs. G.I. JOE: [Mania]

Maybe puppeteering isn't a bad choice of profession: [I Am Bored]

This just in: Avoid sexing ducks if you don't want bird flu: [New Scientist]
Thanks to Snake Face in the Mirth Canal.

20 Ironic Photos: [The Chive]

The Fan We Love to Hate: [Gunaxin]

Cracked's Naked Guy of the Week: There are actually three naked guys in this, but first prize goes to the one who invoked the spirit of George Lucas.

Vote for the Most Annoying TV Character: [Huffington Post]

The most impressive meat eater on the planet:[Fark]

Someone's going to need some ice for this burn: [College Humor]

The pube controversy:[The Frisky]

Halloween Safety Tips with Jack O. Lantern: [Liquid Generation]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Japan takes pranking to a new perverted level.
Submitted by TheWhitestCrow in the Mirth Canal.

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Venture Bros returns for its fourth season: [Adult Swim]

The Most Inappropriate Halloween Costumes: [Huffington Post]

First they start as babies, pretty soon they're our robot overlords. Thanks France: [I Am Bored]

Every Kramer Entrance: [College Humor]

Lolcats are so 2008. Average Cats is the way of the future: [Average Cats]
Thanks to ArsonTheMusical in the Mirth Canal.

The Worst Video Game Cockblockers: [Asylum]

A review of Paranormal Activity: [Ask Men]

A Tribute to Captain Lou Albano: [Gunaxin]

Cracked's Naked Guy of the Week: This guy foiled an attempted carjacking, buck naked. Take that, cops.

'Black' Belts -- A Guide to Brothers in Kung Fu and Karate Movies: [Street Level]

Bet Gretzky could never do this: [Yahoo!]
Thanks to reckless abrandon in the Mirth Canal.

Koko B. Ware's bitching music video: [lemondrop]

Yoga bloopers... with hot chicks: [Uncoached]

6 Directors Who Should've Failed But Didn't: [Mania]

21 Awesome Photos Featuring Art by Michael Page: [The Chive]

What's a show goat without a tutu?:[Fark]

Puppy attacks rottweiler, cuteness ensues: [Huffington Post]

25 Awesome Horror Kills: [Liquid Generation]

Toad breaks the bad news about the hot air balloon kid: [College Humor]

Garter jeans are all sorts of wrong:[The Frisky]

20 Things in Nature that Look Exactly Like Boobs: [Whip It Out]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Was Lincoln gay?
Submitted by Quagmar in the Mirth Canal.

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Top 10 Legendary Movie Guns: [Ask Men]

The 12 Most Ridiculous Sounding Sex Moves: [coed]

Make sure to check back every Friday to get your NFL recap with Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force: [Adult Swim]

An even tougher scenario: Sam Raimi versus Christopher Nolan: [Mania]

10 Badass Movie Spaceships: [Gunaxin]

"Hehe, net to the head." "Ha ha, kick to the fucking face.": [College Humor]

Top 10 Things That Happened Behind Reporters' Backs: [Huffington Post]

20 Female WTF Moments: [The Chive]

The Italian Spiderman Series: [YouTube]
Thanks to The Moose in the Mirth Canal.

Taking a cue from the Nobel Committee, Popular Mechanics tops its "Products of the Year" list with a non-existent product: [Asylum]

Cracked's Naked Guy of the Week: This old guy who was arrested for driving around in the buff. Bonus points for having over 100 naked pictures of himself also.
Slutty costumes... for your dog:[Fark]

25 Interesting Halloween Costume Ideas: [I Am Bored]

How to Match the Carpet to the Drapes: [Whip It Out]

Four Sex Positions Men Aren't Really Into:[The Frisky]

Awesome clips from Cops: [Uncoached]

Mayans to rest of the world: Do not be scared of the year 2012: [Yahoo! News]
Thanks to wickbam in the Mirth Canal.

How to Get Paid to Use Facebook: [lemondrop]

Laura C makes a hideous two-piece look quite nice: [Gorilla Mask]

What's going on over at the Today Show?: [Huffington Post]

Fill in the Blank: Fat Kids: [Liquid Generation]

Kids will do anything for some late night McDonald's: [College Humor]

When Politicians Get Horny: [Unpolitcal Mag]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Vince McMahon wishes he thought of this.
Submitted by The Hulk in the Mirth Canal.

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More Awesome Robot Chicken Sex Scenes: [Adult Swim]

A tough scenario: Spider-Man versus Batman: [Mania]

What's cheaper than BOTOX but still does the same thing? Semen:[The Frisky]

A very special Office wedding dance: [Huffington Post]

20 photos of Asians being totally normal and not at all weird: [The Chive]

This is how art should be done: [Acidcow]
Thanks to DevlindeSade in the Mirth Canal.

Stick this one in the "Only in Georgia" file. So much for Southern charm: [College Humor]

Hey look, Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize: [Ask Men]

11 Spot-On Song Parodies from South Park: [11Points]

25 Questionable T-Shirts: [I Am Bored]

15 Women Who Look Better With Mustaches: [TV Munchies]

How do you piss off an Aussie? Ration his beer, of course: [Asylum]

A Collection of Sexy Magician Assistants: [Uncoached]

Apparently restraining orders extend to Facebook pokes also:[Fark]

Cracked's Naked Guy of the Week: Dallas's serial naked, backyard dancer, who's been going strong for four years. Keep dancing, man.
Just in case the tunnel scene from Willy Wonka didn't scare you enough: [Topless Robot]
Thanks to Disco Stu in the Mirth Canal.

Honolulu knows what's up. Hopefully Paris is next: [lemondrop]

Jahzmin is the sexiest spice... something... something, rack: [Gorilla Mask]

20 Funkiest Television Theme Songs: [Gunaxin]

LG's 10 Favorite Stoner Movies. Don't forget the munchies, man: [Liquid Generation]

In the year 3000: [Huffington Post]

"Bill, will you take the kids to daycare today?" "Yes! Fucking, yes!": [College Humor]

The best non-costume costumes ever: [coed]

Shephard Smith with the Quote of the Day: [Unpolitcal Mag]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: What's the sky like on other planets?
Submitted by nunu in the Mirth Canal.

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Ask Men's Top 49 Most Influential Men: [Ask Men]

Deadpool and Frodo Baggins taze the "I'm on a Boat" dude right in the ass: [Huffington Post]

Finish him Liu! Put him out of his misery!: [College Humor]

An interview with Rachel Leigh Cook: [Adult Swim]

20 Awesome Celebrity Mullets: [Hollywood Fail]

10 "Oh Crap I'm Going to Die" Moments: [I Am Bored]

5 Women Hotter Than Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive (coincidentally, two of them were already ESWA): [Asylum]

Miss 50 Bikini Contest is Impossible to Believe: [Uncoached]

"Sir, are you sure you're sober?" "Shut up and tattoo that dong on me right now.":[Fark]

10 Rom-Com Heart Throbs Who Need Restraining Orders: [lemondrop]

Happy Birthday Monty Python!: [YouTube]
Thanks to Disco Stu in the Mirth Canal.

"Don't Cha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like" Colbie Caillat?: [Gunaxin]

Top 5 Dating Do's and Don'ts:[The Frisky]

The 10 Worst Celebrity Interviews with David Letterman: [Liquid Generation]

5 Comics that Should be Rated R Movies: [Mania]

11 Things That Will Kill Your Road Trip: [11Points]

When trying to boost your grade fails: [College Humor]

"Ravens are known to be fiendishly clever": [Spiegel]
Thanks to wickbam in the Mirth Canal.

This is how fishermen make hunters jealous: [The Chive]

Politicians wearing make-up: [Unpolitcal Mag]

Careful kids, apparently smoking will turn you into a gay: [Huffington Post]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Mike the Headless Chicken.
Submitted by demha in the Mirth Canal.

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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The 15 Strangest Breast Cancer Awareness Products: [Whip It Out]

Original episodes of The Office: [Adult Swim]

Top 10 Videogames that let You Kill Nazis: [Ask Men]

Mad Men... the Sesame Street edition: [Huffington Post]

Star Wars re-envisioned by the nerds who obsess over it: [College Humor]

Our hero, the Humping Guy, returns: [YouTube]
Thanks to optionlace via email.

The Definitive PG Porn Collection: [Uncoached]

Probably the worst note you can get from your mom: [I Am Bored]

Would you rather have a World Series Ring or a World-Class Model?: [Asylum]

A group of women try to draw the U.S. from memory: [lemondrop]

14 Actresses that Have Made Out With Chicks... Twice:[The Frisky]

An alarm clock for only the laziest of people out there:[Fark]

"Have we covered all our bases?" "I thin- wait, what if Disney comes back to life?": [University of Florida's Zombie Preparedness Plan]
Thanks to Man with Beard in the Mirth Canal.

Memorable Music Moments in Movies: [Gunaxin]

Zombies versus Vampires: Who'd Win?: [Mania]

11Points makes a case for the WNBA. We just want more photos of Lauren Jackson naked: [11Points]

Gladstone said he'd pay to see a John Edwards sex tape. That's why we moved his office to the bathroom: [Unpolitcal Mag]

32 pictures of what not to wear to a football game: [The Chive]

If you can't have fun with this, then what can you have fun with?: [inudge]
Thanks to benfromcanada in the Mirth Canal.

This is the luckiest baby on the planet: [College Humor]

Are you color blind?: [Liquid Generation]

Sex, drugs and puppets. Check out "Heart Felt": [Black 20]

Conan versus the Mayor of Newark: [Huffington Post]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Pierre the balding penguin.
Submitted by Quagmar in the Mirth Canal.

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