20 Seemingly Innocent Pastimes With Seedy Underbellies

Fly fishing fans can get downright criminal
20 Seemingly Innocent Pastimes With Seedy Underbellies

Wake up, idiots: The world is a cruel, terrifying place. There isn’t a supposedly wholesome thing you could name that doesn’t come part and parcel with a dark side. Baseball? Rife with scandal. Kites? They kill people. Mr. Rogers? Okay, as far as we can determine, Mr. Rogers never even had a rude thought in his entire life. He is dead, though. So that’s pretty grim.

There’s simply nothing that humans can do that we can’t get our disgusting, rotten human stink all over. If to err is to human, then to irredeemably corrupt is even humaner. That’s why, when user daytonaletsthrowaway asked r/AskReddit, “What’s a niche, unassuming hobby that has a surprising dark side to it?,” Reddit proved that everything as lame as stamp collecting or as twee as Disney pins can be part of a nefarious underworld (though you probably already assumed that about anything to do with the mouse).

Flyball Dog Racing


Stamp Collecting



Egg Collecting

Fly Fishing

Fish Collecting

Plant Collecting



Alternate Photography

Resin Pouring


Ham Radio

Wine Collecting

Doll Collecting

Manhole Cover Enthusiasts

Disney Pin Collectors

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