‘Terrified’ Jon Hamm Had to Touch Kristen Wiig’s Boobs During ‘SNL’ Sketch

Ooh, Mama like
‘Terrified’ Jon Hamm Had to Touch Kristen Wiig’s Boobs During ‘SNL’ Sketch

The Jon Hamm/Kristen Wiig lovefest continues. After recently reminiscing with Wiig about their comic sex scenes over the years, Hamm showed up on Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss more of the couple’s close encounters of the comedy kind. 

The two had recently been featured in one of those “Actors on Actors” kind of conversations, and Meyers reminded Hamm that the duo had literally been actors on actors in Bridesmaids. “Yes, we were,” Hamm giggled. “Physically, we were actors on each other’s actors.” If they hadn’t physically been atop one another, he said, the series would have been called “Actors Near Actors."

“Wiig has been in some of the more memorable comedy intimacy scenes of all time,” says Meyers. “She’s so game for stuff like that.”

That brought to mind an SNL sketch in which Hamm played Scott Brown, a Massachusetts senator who was the It Boy on Capitol Hill for a hot second. “He was new in the Senate, and he couldn’t get where he was supposed to go,” remembered Hamm. “But he was a sexy guy or something and so (the other politicians) were all aflutter.”

The sketch also featured Wiig as Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “Hey there, Nancy,” said Hamm’s fantasy version of Scott Brown. “I want to introduce something to the floor. It’s called your panties.”

“Ooh, Mama like,” was Pelosi’s fevered response.

“At a certain point, I was supposed to spill something on her and touch her boobs,” revealed Hamm. “And I was so terrified to do that because I was like, ‘Well, that’s not…’”

“And she’s like, ‘Go to town!’”

“By the way,” Hamm advised all you aspiring comic actresses out there. “Don’t say, ‘Go to town.’”

Meyers brought up another favorite Hamm/Wiig bit from the SNL old days. “You know what sketch did not get its due from the audience?” he asked. “The one where she was auditioning.”

Wiig was an actress trying to land a spot in a commercial. She got the audition because “she was in the Stanley Steemer commercial where she has to get so mad that the dog is rubbing his butt on the carpet.”

Most of Wiig’s tryout consisted of her listing the things she refused to do, “and none of them had anything to do with the actual scene,” Hamm remembered. He played Wiig’s husband, angrily defending her right to refuse things no one was asking her to do. 

“I do remember at one point,” Meyers said, “she kept saying, ‘I will not show butthole.’”

“’I will show the top of my buttcrack, but only if it is relevant to the script,’" Hamm recited. “Otherwise, come on!”


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