The Dirtiest Joke You’ll Hear Paul McCartney Tell Today

Filth is funnier out of the mouths of Beatles
The Dirtiest Joke You’ll Hear Paul McCartney Tell Today

Sir Paul McCartney has enjoyed an underrated comedy career to go along with his middling success as a musician. 

He first showed off his comic chops, with the help of the lads, in movies like A Hard Day’s Night. McCartney is funny, but his exceptionally clean grandfather steals the show. 

He became a semi-regular on Saturday Night Live, appearing on the show six times and being impersonated on several others. McCartney’s personal favorite? His spot on The Chris Farley Show


But what about McCartney the stand-up (or sit-down) comic? We rarely get the chance to see Sir Paul deliver a punchline, but here he comes with a bawdy take on an Irishman who only gets credit for one thing in his life. 

It’s an old dirty joke that I won’t give away here — just know it’s 67 percent funnier when the perversity comes out of the mouth of a Beatle. If you’re at work, listen with your headphones on. 


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