22 Movies People Didn’t Expect to Give Them the Feels

‘I was crying at rocks!’
22 Movies People Didn’t Expect to Give Them the Feels

It can be easy to forget, when you’re watching Tom Cruise run straight off a cliff like Wile E. Coyote, that movies are art, and art is supposed to make you feel things (other than “Oh, hell yes”). And when it comes to feelings, you pretty much know what to expect going into most of them. You want warm, cozy vibes? There’s a whole Studio Ghibli. A good, wistful cry? Netflix probably has a “Dead Parents” subcategory. Feel like crushing yourself beneath the weight of the evils of which humanity is capable? To the war movie section with you.

“On the contrary, Ice Age can be considered an unexpectedly emotional movie,” user CynicalCosmologist told r/Movies. “We are set up with an unlikely, comedic trio who have to work together to get a baby home. Seeing it for the first time, you wouldn’t expect the tragic backstory of Manny losing his family, to see Diego’s redemption arc after realizing that he now had a ‘family’ who cared for him, leading to the sacrifice he made for them.” 

They then asked, “What other movies caught you off guard and hit you in the feels?,” and Reddit cried out with weepy response after weepy response.

About Time

Love and Monsters

The Lego Movie

The Dark Knight Rises

Bruce Almighty

Everything Everywhere All at Once

A Goofy Movie

Big Daddy


The World’s End

Con Air

A League of Their Own

Star Trek

The Iron Giant


Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

In Bruges


Bridge to Terabithia

Train to Busan


Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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